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We have a great treasure of knowledge on Astrology, particularly the predictive Astrology passed on to us by our ancient scholars like Maharshi Parasara, Maharshi Jaimini Varahamihira, Mantreeshwara, Vaidyanatha Dikshita, Pullippani Siddhar from Tamilnadu. Contribution of Prof B Suryanarayana Rao & Dr B V Raman has made the Astrology to survive in its original form.
Krishnamurthy Paddhati also known as KP System or Stellar Astrology, has given a different approach in prediction giving more importance to the transit of planets over the Stars than over the Zodiac signs. Though, at the first sight, the Stellar astrology seems to be deviating from the principles of Vedic Astrology, it is not so, as I understand. The Shodasha varga charts in Vedic Astrology is looked into in a different dimension and named as Stellar Astrology.

I thought it necessary that everyone, who believes in our traditional system should also know at least the basics of Predictive Astrology.

I have started learning astrology at the age of 10 and still I am a learner because Astrology is an ocean and learning never end. This being the situation, I am surprised to see the new breed astrologers emerging from nowhere and fooling us with their fancy dresses and make ups recommending expensive remedial measures which really is not needed. We are fooled to the extent that if any learned astrologer suggests simple remedial measures, we are not convinced at all. Such a grave situation of abusing a divine knowledge prompted me to post the lessons on Astrology on my blog so that all those interested can learn at least the basics.

As I have made it clear during my Live on Face book that I am not an Astrologer by profession and there is no need also for me take it as profession but want to share whatever the knowledge I have with all those who are in need of it.

To day being my 75 th year birth day, I started this Yajna.


A question that is always posed by the intellects is as to how can the stars, millions and billions of Kilometres away from us, affect affairs on the Earth and more so on individuals. With my limited understanding science believes that a magnetic field covering all space. Science’ knows of three fields, viz., magnetic field, electric field and gravitational field. For the celestial bodies to affect the things of this Earth, energy from them must be transmitted. It is light—which, of course, is a form of energy, that is transmitted to us from the stars via the medium of our magnetic field.
It is evident that rays of light coming from the stars of a constellation must also be surrounded by their own magnetic fields. A body will not radiate energy unless there be another
body to receive it. Therefore, the fact that a body such as our Earth receives the rays of light coming from such stars is sufficient evidence of an attraction existing between the Earth and those that receives energy from those stars.
It makes no difference whether the light wave comes from a nearby lamp or a star, a thousand lightyears away. The effect is the same. “Frequency is the determining factor and not the distance. This is an example that completely breaks down the argument that planets and stars cannot affect human beings because they are too far away. It is interesting to note that the Moon in its travel around the Earth is also sending out disturbances in the form of these gravitational waves and these are proportional to its period of revolution around the Earth. Similar disturbances are produced by other planets in their revolution around the Sun, and those planets which have Moons are the centres for the production of local gravitational waves produced by the movements of their satellites around them.
It stands to reason therefore that if a planet can affect a body of the size of the Sun, its effects upon a mechanism as delicate
as the human form could be stupendous. Thus all beings, animate and inanimate, are subject to the influence of planets and Astrology simply tells us how and when they influence, whether they are good, bad or indifferent and how we could alleviate, neutralise or overcome the evil influences of such planetary configurations by adopting suitable remedies as prescribed by the ancient Maharshis. By knowing the future correctly, we can avoid many pitfalls and can so create an environment that to a great extent, we can cope with the adverse circumstances or be prepared to meet them cheerfully.
In the modem times it is out good fortune that late Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao, grandfather of the legendary Dr B V Raman, to have given a rational exposition of this abstruse science by his varied translations, original works, compilations and researches into the subject of Astrology.
Knowledge of Astrology is highly essential for every individual. Fools obey the planets while wise men control them.

I conclude this introduction quoting the words of Dr B V Raman.

“The day is fast approaching however, when men calling themselves scientific, can no longer afford to ignore a subject which offers them the very proof they are looking for—proof that everything in this universe, including man, is subject to mathematical and geometrical laws.”


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