Sri Gurubhyo namah Sri Paramagurubhyo namah Sri parameShthi GurubhyO namah

Shanta Vimala Prakasha, Atma, Guha, Chid Yogasya Sri Paranandadi sadguron namamayaham punah punah


2-33-1  Speaks about requesting Rudra not to make us suffer without the light of the Sun.

5-40- 5 to 9 Speaks about Svarbhanu piercing sun with his darkness.

swarbhanu: one who has the light of the luminous heaven; this name occurs in all the remaining verses except (5.40-5,6, 8, and 9.); and Maharshi Atri release the Sun from the clutches of Swarbhanu.

There are numerous references in the Rig Veda mentioning that Sun was lying in darkness and their release by the Angirasa seers.

This topic is discussed in great detail by Sri Aurobindo in his book, ‘The Secret of the Veda’, chapter 15, with the title, ‘The Lost Sun and the Lost Cows’. This chapter has numerous quotes from Rig Veda.

Most of us just view eclipses as something which is an inauspicious thing and also believe negative energies are radiated from it. The word ‘Grahana’ itself also induces a sense of fear to many.But we have many scriptural sources also which say that eclipse times are very auspicious times. For example, Parashara Smriti says that all water becomes as pure as the Ganges during the eclipse:

सर्वं गंगा समं तोयं राहुग्रस्ते दिवाकरे।
सोमग्रहे तथैवोक्तं स्नानदानादि कर्मसु।।

ಸರ್ವಂ ಗಂಗಾ ಸಮಂ ತೋಯಂ ರಾಹುಗ್ರಸ್ತೇ ದಿವಾಕರೇ

ಸೋಮಗ್ರಹೇ ತಥೈವೋಕ್ತಂ ಸ್ನಾನದಾನಾದಿ ಕರ್ಮಸು

When the sun or the moon is seized by Rahu, all water becomes as pure as the water of the Ganga, so far as bathing and giving, and other religious rites are concerned.

Is it not eclipse are very auspicious time for all these to occur?

Katyayana Smruti:-

During solar and lunar eclipses all the waters, that exist on earth and even that in a well, become like that of the Ganges.


  • Above all sources seem to denote eclipse as highly auspicious occurrence. But there are some traditions like closing the doors of temples during eclipse time considering it as inauspicious. Are there any scriptures which say that eclipses time are inauspicious?● From where did the concept of Sutak during Eclipse arise? Does it have a scriptural basis?● Do the Vedas (Samhitas, Brahamanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads) have anything which tells about auspiciousness or inauspiciousness or some rules about Eclipse?● Do the Dharma Sutras, Shrauta sutras which contains rules about many things contain rules about Eclipses?

    ● How do other Tantras and Tantrik sources consider eclipse? Do they give some rules also to be followed during the eclipse?

As the Katyana Smriti itself mentions that eclipse is highly auspicious it is likely that Eclipse was considered as a very auspicious moment during Vedic time, when a person is told to chant the name of God or to meditate during eclipse, is he told such because eclipse is dangerous and inauspicious and he should chant/meditate to save himself from danger/negative elements or he is told so because Eclipse is highly auspicious and divine time and he should utilize that moment taking benefit of that auspicious time?.

We all know, It is an obscuration of the light of the sun when the moon, passing between the earth and the sun, casts its shadow on the former. As said before, the Rgveda, it is distinctly mentioned that it was the sun that was eclipsed. When the sun is eclipsed the stars appear. Here, it is an indirect but fully satisfactory proof of the occurrence of the total solar eclipse when the important phenomenon of the stars becoming visible has greatly impressed the beholders.

The Epics have also referred to Rahu and Ketu as the very cause of the solar eclipse, which are always enemy to the sun and the moon. The Purdnas have supplemented this view of the ancestors and mentioned that an eclipse can thus occur only at the new-moon day(Amdvdsya) when there is Samagama (conjuction) of the moon and the sun, but does not occur at every new-moon.

The astronomical literature has evolved devices of predicting eclipses and have thus revealed the secret of the eclipses. If the sun is completely obscured it is said to be a total eclipse  which can be occurred only when the apparent size of the moon is bigger than the apparent size of the sun.

But when the sun is partially obscured, then the eclipse is said to be partial eclipse.

This Solar eclipse in some places it is Annular (Valaya Paraga) and in Some places it is Partial eclipse including Bangalore.  In a solar eclipse, the Sparsa (first occurrence) is from the west while the Moksa (vanish) is from the east.


  • First of all, most of the Puranas including the Visnu have given emphasis to the concept of “Geo-centric Universe” ( Earth centred Universe) as against the present concept of “Heliocentric Universe”.( Sun centred)

 Of course, Chapter-8 of the Part- II of Visnu Purana has described vividly about the sun in which it is considered to be the sources of all forms of energy that not only governs the terrestrial earth but also other members of the solar system which indirectly recognises the concept of’ Helio centricism’. ( Sun Centred Universe)

 The relative distances of the planets from the earth as per the text of Visnu do not withstand to the observation made at present.

Lastly, most of the Puranas including the Visnu have mentioned the occurrences of Lunar and Solar eclipses because of Rahu and Ketu which is neither conforming to the real reasons nor basing on any mathematical theory of the present scientific observation and calculation.

Despite the aforesaid deficiencies, the text of Visnu has contributed a lot of accurate information about the solar system which can provide ample opportunities to those scholars working on the same line for their further research.


Eclipses herald change. An eclipse is the universe’s way of making us pay attention to things that we need to change in our life. They have an uprooting effect and get us out of our comfort zone. They enable us to move to a higher plane. Eclipses bring change, and we can’t escape it. During an eclipse, one may hear news of childbirth, marriage, or engagement. It could also be news of a breakthrough in career, a promotion, starting a business, signing a major contract, important travel, etc. People may sell or buy a house, or move to a new home far away, get or lose a pet, undergo surgery, or deal with some new development in health. It could also mean college graduation, the beginning of a course of study, a divorce, a book going for publication, and so on. Important events, meetings, and separations, career changes, all are likely at this time. To put it simply, the universe wants us to move forward. Every eclipse triggers an important turning point in our life. Even if we are not affected, our friends and family might be. An eclipse creates specific changes, and we will never be able to return to the old situation again.

There is no cause for worry because it is a sign that the universe wants us to go forward and make progress, not return to the old days. That option no longer exists after an eclipse. If, later on, we are not happy where we ended up, we can make changes, but these changes should not take us back to the past.

The changes caused by eclipses may happen immediately or over a period of months as each successive eclipse follows. For most people, the changes are often shocking. Eclipses make us sentimental. New beginnings accompany solar eclipses and bring new opportunities. The developments are often positive. However, Eclipses often bring to us in the form of an unexpected random event. An event happening elsewhere will trigger it. The event will be completely beyond our control but don’t be surprised if sweeping changes arrive at our doorstep. Eclipses reveal secrets. Eclipses induce a feeling that life is going into fast-forward mode. Things will accelerate at a rapid pace. They also throw light on things that we may not be aware of. Hidden truths will come out during this time. Once the truth is revealed, it will force us to take a major decision or action. Most of the time, we may be shocked by the information that is made known to us,because that is the nature of an eclipse. It makes us sit up, pay attention to what is happening, and do something about it.

 However, there is no need to be scared for eclipses. They are like friends who tell us the truth with good intentions and to protect us from greater dangers. Truth is always preferable to living a lie. During an eclipse, the true nature of someone close to us may be revealed, and it usually won’t be something that we like.

Eclipses bring drama Most of the time, we may receive dramatic news at eclipse time, but sometimes, it will come more subtly too as gossip or a secret shared. However, even then, it will be an indication of dramatic changes looming ahead. By paying attention to the signals during eclipse time, we may be able to anticipate and prepare for problems that crop up later. Eclipses are packed with energy. Eclipses are several times stronger than an ordinary new or full moon. Sometimes, eclipses can bring out our hidden capabilities. We may be able to do things that you never thought you would do. It’s like they open a door that was firmly locked and extremely difficult to enter.

Our ancient astrological texts like Brugat Samhita of Sri Varahamihira or  Bruhat parashara Hora sastra has no mention about the eclipses affecting the individuals born in different zodiac signs.

However, during Rahu Transits a Zodaical sign Sun conjuction with Rahu Takes place in the Same Zodiac sign maximum twice.

During Rahu transiting Gemini,  had one conjunction with Sun before and the one is occurring from 14-6-2020 to 16-7-2020 along with budha the sign lord of gemini.

The result of this transit may be predicted based on our ancient texts, which I will do tomorrow and also certain rituals we can perform irrespective of the Zodiac sign we are born to make use of the positive effect of the celestial drama, the eclipse.






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