Soundarya Lahari verse 39 – Meditation upon swadhishtana chakra explained

Sri Gurubhyo namah Sri Parama Gurubhyo namah Sri Parameshthi Gurubhyo namah
Shantaa Vimalaa prakasha Atmaa Guhaa Chid Yogasya Sri Parananadadi Sadguroon Namamyaham punah punah

तव स्वाधिष्ठाने हुतवहमधिष्ठाय निरतं
तमीडे संवर्तं जननि महतीं तां च समयाम् ।
यदालोके लोकान् दहति महति क्रोधकलिते
दयार्द्रा या दृष्टिः शिशिरमुपचारं रचयति ॥ ३९॥

tava svādhiṣṭhāne hutavahamadhiṣṭhāya nirataṃ
tamīḍe saṃvartaṃ janani mahatīṃ tāṃ ca samayām ।
yadāloke lokān dahati mahati krodhakalite
dayārdrā yā dṛṣṭiḥ śiśiramupacāraṃ racayati ॥ 39॥

O Mother, I adore and worship the Samvarta in your Swadhishthana Chakra who is the Lord of Fire, invoking Fire element and who is dissolving the world. I woeship You Samayeshwari, the potent power of Samvarta. When the angry look of the great Samvarta burn up the Universe, Your glance drenched with compassion provides a cooling effect.
When Siva & Shakti descend to Swadhishthana they are surrounded by 62 rays of tejasa and are worshipped as Samvartesvara and Samayeshwari.

Meaning of samaya is not only time but it also means “Coming together” This implies that Siva Shakti are one and are always together.
Samayachara Tatpara is one of the Namas in Lalita sahasranama suggesting Samayachara Sri Vidya practice which is internal worship. Soundarya Lahari is mentioning Samayachara worship by calling Devi as Samayeswari
Samvarteshwara,the lord of transformation dissolves Earth in Water, water in Fire, Fire in air, Air in Mind, Mind in Ego and Ego in Mahat , that is the greatest one the Universal consciousness.

Opposite of the same action is creation.
Tasmadvaa Etasmaadaatmana Akashah sambhootah Akaashaad vayuh Vayoragnih Agneraapah adbhyah prithivee- This is Taittareya Upanishad vakya describing the creation.

During meditation also the same action of dissolving every thing occurs but due to cooling and healing glance of Shakti prevents such a dissolution.

Samayeshwari being a potent power of samanteshwara, She, through her compassionate glance protect her devotes from the destruction aspect of Samanteshwara. Swadhishthana chakra is the centre of all our desires, ambitions. There is no end for our desires and ambitions. If one desire is fulfilled it gives raise to another and the another and to one another and it continues through out our life. We are trapped in this vicious circle. To awaken us from this delusion the Anger of Rudra uses his power and then Shakti not only protect us from the anger of Rudra but also help us to realise our true nature.

This combination of Siva Shakti is exactly similar to that of father and Mother to take their children in the right path.

If one wants to awaken the Kundalini energy, the support and help of Shakti is very much needed otherwise it is not possible to balance the enormous energy that is created.

Verses 36 to 42 in Soundarya Lahari describes descending of Siva Shakti through Kulapatha called Sushumna Nadi. Sri Shankara Bhagavatpadacharya having worshipped the equal and opposite energies between Siva and Shakti has shown the same path to us.

When Rudra starts burning the Universe, Samayeshwari cools it down by drenching it by compassion.

Sri Acharya has very well described the formless Universal Conscious and Energy so as to experience its brightness by us. He has also mentioned that though they are formless but not free from feelings and emotions

The power, energy, Shakti can give sorrow, happiness compassion and benevolence and also it always provides guidance and hence it is imperative for us to worship Shakti. This is the only way and easiest way to succeeds in all aspect of life including attaining Jeevanmukti.

Soudarya lahari though a treasure of spiritual knowledge, each verse is a Mantra and grants our materialistic needs.
This 39 th Mantra also has a yantra. A square is drawn on a thin silver or Gold sheet. In the middle of it in the first line inscribe THAM paM paha and in the second line Sham sam. Offer sweet Pongal as naivedya to yantra. Put this yantra in a glass of water and chant this mantra for 108 times and drink the water. Repeating this for 4 days will ward off bad dreams.

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