Soundarya Lahari Verse 38 – Meditation upon Anahata chakra explained

श्री गुरुभ्यॊ नमः श्री परम गुरुभ्यॊ नमः श्री परमेष्ठि गुरुभ्यॊ नमः

Sri Gurubhyo namah Sri Parama Gurubhyo namah Sri Parameshthi GurubhyO namah

शान्ता विमला प्रकाशा आत्मा गुहा चिद् यॊगास्य श्री परानन्दादि सद्गुरून् नमाम्यहं पुनः पुनः
Shaantaa Vimalaa prakasha Atmaa Guhaa Chid yOgaya Sri Paraanandaadi sadguroon Namaamyaham punah punah

समुन्मीलत् संवित् कमलमकरन्दैकरसिकं
भजे हंसद्वन्द्वं किमपि महतां मानसचरम् ।
र्यदादत्ते दोषाद् गुणमखिलमद्भ्यः पय इव ॥ ३८॥

samunmīlat saṃvit kamalamakarandaikarasikaṃ
bhaje haṃsadvandvaṃ kimapi mahatāṃ mānasacaram ।
ryadādatte doṣād guṇamakhilamadbhyaḥ paya iva ॥ 38॥

O Mother,I adore the pair of swans, Siva & Shakti who delight in the honey of the full blown lotus of Knowledge, the Anahata Chakra, and who swim in the minds of great. From their mutual conversation the eighteen Vidyas have emerged. They separate good from evil as they separate milk from water.
In this Mantra we find the poetical reference to the descent of Siva Shakti to Anahata Chakra. As swans they will be swimming in the hearts of great sadhakas.Swans are also the symbol of Paramahamsas, as they can take out truth from the untruth.

This pair of swans dwells in the hearts of all beings but most have not awakened to this fact, as they are unaware of the inner phenomenon.
Once the inner sense is awakened by the sadhaka one can listen to the dialogue of these swans.
Ha is Shiva and Sa is Shakti, Hamsa Soham denotes these two tatvas in Maithuna and they are meditated as Hamseshvari and hamseshvara. In Anahata they are surrounded by 52 Vayu Mayukhas , Vayu rays.
This verse, mantra indicates the meditation on the Heart Chakra, the Anahata.
Siva Shakti while descending the Kulapatha, they drench each plane of awareness with the Amrita, the nectar that arises out of their union. At Anahata they delight in the honey of the full bloomed lotus of Knowledge that is known as ‘Paravidya’ Transcendental knowledge. In this state the inner senses operate giving rise to extrasensory perception. In this stage one may hear melodious music of veena, flute etc,
‘Ashtadashagunitavidyaparinitih ‘ refers to eighteen Kalas or rays emanating from Anahata due to high level interaction between two Tatvas, Siva & Shakti at this centre. These 18 kalas are referred to 18 Vidyas according to some scholars, where as there are also opinions that these 18 Kalas refers to Sri Shadashi Mahamantra with Siva and Shakti added to it.
The supreme knowledge was originally heard as ‘Shruti’ in heightened state of meditation and later compiled into Vedas.
The sound frequencies emanating from Siva & Shakti in the form of Mantras were picked up by the finely tuned consciousness of those great Rishis and handed over them down to the future generations in the form of Vedas and that is why Vedas are called Apourusheya.
Even in the modern times, it is possible to hear to the sounds if one can deeply meditate on Siva & Shakti in anahata. What is needed is sadhana and Gurukrupa.

Though it is recommended to chant this Mantra 4000 times a day for 4 days, drinking water by energizing it by chanting of this mantra at least for 108 times is said to build the immunity against all kinds of diseases.

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Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu Samasta Sanmangalani bhavantu


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