Sri Devi Bhagavata Purana Chapter: 38- Abodes of Devi- Relief from sins and Moksha prapti for Pitrus

शान्ता विमला प्रकाशा आत्मा गुहा चित् यॊगास्य श्री परानंदादि सद्गुरून् नमाम्यहम् पुनः पुनः

Shantaa Vimalaa Prakaashaa Aatmaa Guhaa, Chit, yOgaasya SrI Paranandadi sadguroon namaamyaham punah punah.

Sri Devi Bhagavata Purana Chapter 38 describes the abodes of Devi- It is Devi telling Himavanta about her abodes on the request of Himavanta. At the end it reads that chanting of this chapter will relieve us from all sins as well gives final liberation ( Moksha) to Pitrus.

I am posting here PDF file of this chapter as well youtube video lonk chanting the chapter


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