Psychosocial issues due to COVID-19 -Remedies

Sri Gurubhyo namah Sri ParamaGurubhyo namah Sri Parameshthi GurubhyO namah

When I saw a message in my message box giving helpline by the Government of India to get professional advise on Psychosocial issues including Stress & Anxiety because of outbreak of COVID-19.

This prompted me to tell that our ancient scholars have advised us to chant / listen certain Stotras, mantras in such situations.  Irrespective of  whether such Stotras / Mantras prevents / treats such pandemic outbreak or not but, they surely allay fears, stress and anxiety.

Stotras may be ” Rogana SeShaana” ,’ “Sarvabhadha prashanam“, “Saptasloki”, “Indrakshi Stotra” , “Siva Kavacha” and many more including “Lalita sahasranama” and “Vishnu Sahasranama”.

I wish that all of us chant these stotras or listen to them with concentration and I am confident that we will be relieved of fear,stress and Anxiety.

The Stotras may be found in this blog as well youtube channel “Atmananadanatha JSD” ( and playlist –

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu samasta sanmangalani bhavantu



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