Sri GurubhyO namah Sri Parama GurubhyO namah
Sri ParameShThi GurubhyO namah

महीं मूलाधारे कमपि मणिपूरे हुतवहं

   स्थितं स्वाधिष्ठाने हृदि मरुतमाकाशमुपरि ।

मनोऽपि भ्रूमध्ये सकलमपि भित्वा कुलपथं

   सहस्रारे पद्मे सह रहसि पत्या विहरसे ॥ ९॥

mahīṃ mūlādhāre kamapi maṇipūre hutavahaṃ

   sthitaṃ svādhiṣṭhāne hṛdi marutamākāśamupari ।

mano’pi bhrūmadhye sakalamapi bhitvā kulapathaṃ

   sahasrāre padme saha rahasi patyā viharase ॥ 9॥

This is the 9 th sloka of Soundarya Lahari. All these slokas are not just slokas but are mantras
The summary of this mantra is that the energy from base chakra, Muladhara, moves through Kulapatha, that is through Sushumna Nadi and at Sahasrara, the crown chakra joins her consort and enjoys in solitude.
Kamapi word in this mantra is formed by Kam and api and thus indicates that Manipura the Naval Chakra is of Water principle. Tantra Shastras say Manipura is of Agni, fire principle.
Lam, Ham, yam, Ram and Vam are the seed syllables for earth , Space or ether, Air, Fire and Water respectively.
If we observe these primordial elements or principles, we will know that Earth element is highest gross form, next is water, then Fire, then Air, where as Space, ether is subtle.
Upanishad say that

Tasmaadya, Etasmaadaatmana, aakaashah samnhUtah, aakaashaadvayuh, vayOragnih, agnEraapah adhbya pruthivee,pruthivyaa Oshadhaya, OshaddhIbhyOnnam annatpuruShah

Brahman from Atma, the self, Space, ether from Brahman, Air from ether, Fire from Air, water from Fire and earth from Water.
Sthitam SvadiShtane in the mantra indicates that the place of the Kundalini energy is Swadhishthana. More so Swa – Ashishthana also means same. Then a doubt, a question arise whether the place of Kundalini energy is Swadhishthana or Muladhara ? It is true and Shankara did not dispute that Kundalini is dormant in Muladhara surrounding the svayambhu Linga, but when it is awakened it settles in SwaddhiShtana, that is why this mantra said ‘ Sthitam SwadhiShtane”
It is to be noted that without any effort whatsoever, for every human being the Kundalini Energy is awakened and settles in Swadhishthana, otherwise they cannot perform any action. To take it further upwards needs effort, sadhana so that the energy pierce through BRAHMA GRANTI in Swadhishtaana to reach Manipura,
This is what Lalita Sahasranama has mentioned “ Muladaraika Nilaya Brahmagranthi vibhedini manipoorantaruditaa”
We know that all the sounds including what we make while talking, singing, chanting of Mantras are the form of Space / ether element, principle. These sounds are heard only when they take the form of Vaikharee.
A sound before reaching the form of Vaikharee passes through three stages called Para, Pashyanti and Madhyama.
‘Para pratyakchitee roopa pashyatee paradevata madhyma vaikharee roopa bhakta manasa hamsika” Lalita sahsranma has explained the four forms of sound in these namas.
What ever be the form of the Sound , 1) they are the electromagnetic rays and 2) they have in them the alphabets, Aksaras. Akshara means they are indestructible. Sounds made by animals; birds also have in them these Aksharas.
These sound frequencies increase their frequency and reach Stratosphere. Stratosphere is between 10 Km to 18 Kms above from the layer of the earth. Once they reach Stratosphere, they further increase their frequency and condensed into elements, principles. By exchange of these elements, principles or by combining they become matter.
These elements exist within the body in the microcosmic and in the Macroscopic form throughout the Universe.
Having understood that the sound transforms into the matter, there is no doubt that the sound has created the universe.
We also understood that the sound frequency created when we speak is very powerful and hence, we should only speak good things. There is no need that our talk to be only in Vaikharee,they may also be in other three forms, Para , Pashyanti and Madhyama. In fact these three forms of sound has more frequency than Vaikharee !!!! and hence we should have always positive thoughts so that they will not only help us but also to the world.

This mantra has identified the primordial elements, principles in the Chakras as per Samaya Tantra. Accordingly, earth element in Muladhara, Water in Swashishthana, Fire in Manipura, Air in Anahata and the mantra is silent about Vishudhi chakra.

Space, ether is indicated by sound and thus by ears are the element of Space. Air is indicated by touch and thus Skin is the Air element. Fire is indicated by form and thus eyes are the fire element. Water indicates taste and thus tongue is the water element. Smell indicates Earth element and thus Nose is the earth element. This is how sense organs indicate the five primordial elements.

By chanting this mantra one can get the mastery over the knowledge of primordial elements as well those in foreign countries return back to home country.

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu samasta sanmangalani bhavantu.

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