Delayed marriage has become common in the changing socio-economic condition. It has become necessary for both the boy and girl to be financially strong before getting into wedlock. 30 years for the girl seems to have become very common for marriage. This also have reduced the age difference between the boy and girl, though the age difference has nothing to do with happy married life as well progeny.

Even after the marriage, it has become very common to give a gap of two years to get child. Another factor is meddling with the natural menstrual cycle for various requirements and needs using the medical aids available After such a gap, when the couple really want to have child, and when they fail, they approach the gynecologist for help. Modern Medical science has remedies only when there is a problem in the reproductive system of either of the couple. There are instances, where all the parameters are perfectly alright in the couple but conception is not taking place.

Yes, in addition to such a medical help, we find Astrological texts suggesting certain planetary positions to help the conception. One such Astrological text is Sri Vaidyanatha Dikshita’s JATAKA PARIJATA which has a separate chapter on ‘NISHEKA”,the meaning is ‘ FERTILISATION”

Sri Vaidyanatha Dikshita is said to have been born between 1425-1450 CE in Mysore. Not much is known about this scholar, but the first stanza in Jataka Parijata reads that his work is the epitome of what is said by Garga, Parashara and others and hence establishes the authenticity of Jataka Parijata.

Sloka No 16 in third Chapter throws light on the planetary disposition at the time of menstruation and at the time of copulation. The original sloka from Jataka parijata is attached.

Moon governs fluid matter of a woman where as Mars signifies the blood. A certain disposition of these planets during menstrual cycle promises conception.
The Author of Jataka Parijata tells in the Verse No 13 that the planetary conjunctions fail to give result with regard to people void of virility. He compares such a situation very poetically to that of the Moon beam and the blind. Virility, here refers to both men and women and this needs no explanation.

Let us get back to the reading of Verse no 16.
“If a woman’s menses set in when the Moon in an ANUPACHAYA place aspected by Mars, they become favorable to conception and not otherwise. The husband should sow the seed when the Moon occupies an UPACHAYA house and is aspected by Jupiter”
It further reads that such a copulation shall not be on “objectionable” periods of time.

To apply this sloka what is needed is the birth chart of the women.
Referring to the birth chart Moon should be transiting in Anupachayas that is 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8,9, 12, from her Lagna and should be aspected by Mars.
One should check the date of on set of menstrual cycle to see whether these conditions are fulfilled. If not fulfilled, they should resort to what they have done to meddle with the cycle by postponing / preponing to achieve the Moon and Mars positions said in the Sloka 16.

It may take 2-3 months to get into such a MOON and MARS combination.
Once that is achieved the copulation shall take place when MOON in Upacayas that is 3, 6, 10, 11 from the Women’s Lagna in birth chart and also aspected by Jupiter.

The last point in the said Sloka is avoiding copulation on “Objectionable periods”

Objectionable periods generally are Bharani, Krittika, Ardra, PoorvaShadha and Poorva Bhadrapada Stars, Chaturti & Ashtami Tithis and sankramana and other sacred days, fasting days, birth days, and their previous days. For more info on Objectionable periods one may refer to Muhurta Saastra.
I explain a demo Chart of a live person and also to days’ planetary disposition. Ascendant of the women is Aries and the Moon is transiting in 4 th from Lagna, an ANUPACHAYA STHANA and aspected by MARS, that is form his exaltation position and MOON occupying own sign. The Aspect of Mars on Moon is from to day 2 PM onwards and continue till 6 th April around 5 PM. During these days MOON is very much transiting in ANUPACHAYA STHANAS, that is 4 th and 5 th from Janma Lagna. If the onset of cycle takes place from today till 6 th April, chances for conception are very good, but Moon in Upachayas, 3,6,10,11 and aspected by Jupiter during the fertile period is not seen but still conception is possible.




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