Before writing on the results of Jupiter transit to Makara, I must say that I am not an astrologer by profession and it is only my academic interest which made me study this subject for more than 60 years and even now I am a student of Astrology.

These predictions are confined only to transit of Jupiter to Makara from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020. Jupiter has entered Makara, Capricorn on 30 th March 2020 at 3-55 Hrs IST. He has joined Saturn & Mars both transiting Uttarashadha 2 nd pada.

Makara is 9 th sign from Ascendant of India as well 7 th sign from its Moon sign Cancer, Karkataka.
Looking into the chart of our Prime Minister, Jupiter has entered 3 rd sign from Ascendant as well Moon sign Scorpio, Vrishchika.
Jupiter is now transiting in 2 nd sign from Ascendant and 3 rd sign from Moon with reference to the Chief Minister of Karnataka.
Before going in detail about the transit of Jupiter, at the first sight the transit seems to be good for the above three charts.
Jupiter will again transits back to Sagittarius, Dhanus on 30-6-2020 at 5-22 AM. His transit to Makara again is on 20-11-2020 at 13-24. He remains to transit in Makara upto 6-4-21 and then moves to Aquarius, Kumbha. Again he moves back to Makara on 14-9-2021 and remains there upto 21-11-2021.
Total period of transit in Makara is 9 months + against the normal transit in a house of 1 year. As he enters Makara thrice in these 9 months and the planetary positions are different each time, the result of Jupiter Transit from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020 in Makara is only attempted here.

General predictions for Jupiter Transit is mentioned in Brihat Samhita, Yavana Jataka, Jyotisarnava Navaneeetam and Sunadarananada Jyitishya Kavya. Comprising all these versions Jupiter in 7 th from Moon sign of Independence chart indicates money and other gains through friendly nations. financial status will improve. Purchase of defence equipment’s. Likely to sign a financial agreement with a powerful nation,India will work for some good, sacred aim and succeed in it. There is no dearth for food for people of India.

Similarly, predictions for Jupiter in 3 rd from Moon sign of our PM s chart as well CM s Chart reads that Jupiter is bad in 3 rd sign. Something unbearable, ominous, sorrow, fear, difficulty may come to the native. His brother’s or sister’s health will get affected. The native may suffer many ills and chronic diseases. Confidence levels depleted. All the efforts and activities will get obstructed. Mental happiness gets disturbed.

The good results of being transiting in 7 th is obstructed when any planet transits in 3 rd from Moon sign. Fortunately, no major planets transit third from Moon and hence the good results are not affected. There is no Nakshatra Vedha also for Jupiter Transit and hence the good results are not disturbed.

The bad results of being transiting in 3 rd house shall not produce bad results when any planet transits 7 th from Moon sign. At present Venus transiting 7 th sign and later upto 30 th June one or more of the planets among Sun Mercury and Venus will be transiting 7 th sign and hence the bad results of Jupiter will not operate which is a great relief.

These are the general results of transit which need to be analysed in the light of many other parameters. That is the purpose of this article.

At the time of Transit of Jupiter to Makara, the Moon transits in Vrishabha, the 11 th house from Moon sign of Independence chart and hence Jupiter called Swarna Murthy good results of his transit in 7 th from Moon sign is enhanced to its fullest extent. More so Ashtakavarga bindus in Makara being 5, the good results are further enhanced. Similarly the bad results of 3 rd sign transit in PM and CM chart will further reduce.
When Jupiter passes through Rasi having 5 bindus, indicates winning over his enemies, getting good and sincere friends and gain from them.

Jupiter during his transit is not transiting on any planet that was placed in Makara in independence chart or in PMs chart but transits over Natal Mercury in CMs chart. When transiting Jupiter crosses natal Mercury one will get money from many corners, enemies will disappear. law suits if any will be in favour.

During Transit of Jupiter in Makara he is debilitated but that is cancelled being with Mars exalted there as well Jupiter being Vargottama in D 9 Chart. Saturn Mars Conjunction though bad in general, in Makara, Saturn Transiting own house and Mars is exalted and hence the bad results are reduced. All said and done Saturn in own house Makara is a blessing in disguise at this crucial situation.
What I found more important is the Jupiter during transit in Makara aspects the Ascendant of Independence Chart, Ascendant Lord and 6 th Lord Venus, 4 th Lord Sun, 2 nd and 5 th lord Mercury 3 rd lord Moon, 9 th and 10 th Lord Saturn. Such an aspect keeps the indications of these houses intact, say Parakrama, Strength of the nation, Finance and progress, Employment opportunities and fortune.

So also 8 th 10 th and 11 th Lords of PM s Natal chart is aspected by Jupiter, who are incidentally the Lords of 4 th, 2 nd and 5 th and thus the Comfort of the citizens, Finance and progress is assured.

Jupiter aspects 3 rd and 4 th Lord in CM’s natal chart and thus assures comfort to the citizens of Karnataka, more so getting out of the pandemic very soon without much loss of lives.

We are more interested in knowing when we will be relieved of this Pandemic. Jupiter entering Makara is the beginning of the end of this pandemic for India. 4 th Lord Sun in the Independence chart transits 10 th from Moon from 13 th April which will further relieve us. Once Sun transits in Krittika Star from 11 th May we will be totally out of the Pandemic. More over even during this pandemic we will not see more deaths across the country. It will be very minimal.
Every one including financial experts speaks about the financial crisis in the country and now more so due to this pandemic, but the planets disposition speaks that there is not much to worry on financial front and it will not be only normal but see the progress also. I am not a financial expert to say as to how it happens.

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