Soundarya lahari : 68th Sloka explained

Sri Gurubhyo namah Sri ParamagurubhyO namah
Sri ParameShThi GurubhyO namah

भुजाश्लेषान् नित्यं पुरदमयितुः कण्टकवती
तव ग्रीवा धत्ते मुखकमलनालश्रियमियम् ।
स्वतः श्वेता कालागुरुबहुलजम्बालमलिना
मृणालीलालित्यम् वहति यदधो हारलतिका ॥ ६८॥

bhujāśleṣān nityaṃ puradamayituḥ kaṇṭakavatī
tava grīvā dhatte mukhakamalanālaśriyamiyam ।
svataḥ śvetā kālāgurubahulajambālamalinā
mṛṇālīlālityam vahati yadadho hāralatikā ॥ 68॥

ಭುಜಾಶ್ಲೇಷಾನ್ ನಿತ್ಯಂ ಪುರದಮಯಿತುಃ ಕಂಟಕವತೀ
ತವ ಗ್ರೀವಾ ಧತ್ತೇ ಮುಖಕಮಲನಾಲಶ್ರಿಯಮಿಯಮ್ ।
ಸ್ವತಃ ಶ್ವೇತಾ ಕಾಲಾಗುರುಬಹುಲಜಮ್ಬಾಲಮಲಿನಾ
ಮೃಣಾಲೀಲಾಲಿತ್ಯಮ್ ವಹತಿ ಯದಧೋ ಹಾರಲತಿಕಾ ॥ 68॥

Every mantra of Soundarya lahari has a yantra and worshipping that yantra with the number of japas of that Mantra is said to give certain mundane and spiritual benefits.

For 68 th Mantra, an inverted triangle and writing in the middle Hreem seed syllable as shown in the figure below drawn by KUMKUM and chanting this mantra 1000 times for 45 days helps purification of Samskaras and removal of obstacles.


Yes, in this fast world, I don’t think anybody gets that much of time to chant 1000 times this verse every day. Proper recitation once takes minimum 15 secs. It takes about four to four and half hrs to chant 1000 times properly. It is worth if someone can do it for 45 days. Any sadhana needs time and devotion. What I found with my humble experience in chanting Soundarya lahari verses is, even if we can chant 108 per day for about one year will also give results. This takes about 30 minutes a day.

Now let us see the literal meaning of this mantra.

The neck of the Devi is always embraced by Siva. Siva is described here as the destroyer of the cities. By the embrace your neck is as graceful as lotus stake. Below the neck is the garland of white pearls, darkened by the application of black AGARU (Kaalaagaru) paste, presents the charm of the fibrous root of the Lotus.

Let us try to understand the description. Devi’s face is LOTUS, its stalk, the neck, is embraced by Siva and hence looking very gracefully. AGARU a natural fragrance applied on the neck of Devi is also stuck to the garland of pearls which presents the fibrous root of the Lotus.

The systematic glorification of Devi’s parts suggests that Shankara is directing the divine energy of Devi awakened through his worship.
The graceful neck of Devi in the thrilling embrace of Siva, is adorned with a garland of white pearls that sets off the colour of her neck darkened by the muddy agaru paste, making her look even more beautiful.

Absolute beauty is TRUTH, Satya, that is Siva. It is complete by itself; it does not need any outside agent to beautify it, on the other hand even if some thing which is not attractive not beautiful and not appealing is kept nearby to this absolute beauty, it also looks beautiful.

We should understand the description of beauty of every part of DEVI by Shankara as he is explaining us the TRUTH, THE SIVA which is ever beautiful. TRUTH, SIVA and BEAUTY IN THE FORM OF DEVI are inseparable. What is TRUTH is SIVA and that is Beautiful, that is DEVI. I don’t think it needs more explanation.

This will be the answer for all those who questions as to why and how Shankara has used such terms and words to describe the beauty of the mother.

Though the Soundarya Lahari verses from 36 to 41 describes the meditation on Shatchakras, this sloka is indirectly mentioning the meditation on Vishuddhi Chakra. We know that Sri Lalita Sahasranama from 475 to 527, that is beginning from Vishuddhi Chakra Nilaya to Hakinee Roopadharini suggests the meditation on Shatchakras beginning from Vishuddhi coinciding with Neck.

“puradamayituh” (पुरदमयितुः) refers to Siva, the destroyer of three levels of individual awareness, jagrat, svapna and sushupti. That is to say Siva is forever established in turiya, the fourth state, the universal consciousness. Devi being always in his embrace, she is also established for ever in turiya.

The bliss that emanates from their embrace is total, complete, and for ever.

Meditation on Siva & Shakti in this way can induce Samadhi.

Meditation on Devi’s neck purifies and absolve deep rooted samskaras, impressions that obstructs materialistic and / or spiritual progress.


Sarve janah Sukhino Bhavantu Samasta sanmangalani bhavantu

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