Sri Mahaganapati Moola Mantra Pada mala- Meaning in English



Sri Mahaganapati Moola mantra has 28 letters, should I say seed syllables. Sri Vidya Mantras begin from Sri Mahaganapti Mantra. Sri Anantanandanatha, that is Sri Vidya Martanda, Sri Vidya Cachaspati, Sri C V Swamy Shatrigal ( 1900-1980) has composed Sri Mahaganapati Moola mantra Pada mala by dividing these 28 seed syllables into group of 14 words and submitted at the lotus feet of his Sri Vidya Guru Sri Chidanandanatha.

Just by reciting this Sloka one gets the benefit of chanting Sri Mahaganapati Moola mantra and as well confer all auspiciousness on the devotee.

I am giving a link to Sanskrit version as well kannada version of this sloka at the end of this article.

1. The Omkara shaped O Vakratunda Ganapati, Salutations to you. The OM has projected itself in the Universe having sprouted from the throat of Shabdha Brahma. OM is used in the beginning and in the end of every auspicious and inauspicious occasions. The sages who are introvert, that is those who are ANTARMUKHIS, dwell themselves in OM, so also the common men chant OM always.

2. My affectionate salutations to “Sri” the Lakshmi and “Sri Nayaka” the Vishnu who worship Ganapati. All the sufferings in world is due to birth, death, disease, illness, natural calamities, fear and fatigue. With your grace O Ganapati, all these will be neutralised by chanting SRI. You are the Straight arrow which can reach the immortal SELF embedded within and for awakening the SELF.

3. O Lord Ganesha, you are worshipped by all GODS. You will remove all worldly bewilderment and bless us with eternal bliss. Your seat is the centre of the triangle which is in the heart. The elements, Space, fire, and other syllables, form the seed syllable HREEM.’

4. O Lord, the beloved son of Girija, a mountain born. I pray you to remove all obstacles. KLEEM seed syllable represents Mahavarahi, Sarvakarshini Shakti, Indra and also 14 worlds.

5. O Ganesha, you are the Son of Uma and Siva who has conquered Yama, the lord of death. You are the fondled lad of Lakshmi, the beloved of Sri Krishna. You fulfil all the desires and also destroy all the evil effect of kaliyugma. The seed Syllable GLOUM is the element of BRAHMA and the earth; along with the conjunct syllables indicate your place in the earth element.

6. O Mahaganapati, eldest son of Ganga, I Contemplate on you in my Lotus heart. You are worshipped with Sandal paste, flower, the incense, the light and offering Naivedya. You are the choicest Nephew of Garudavahana Vishnu. Your seat is Mooladhara, the element earth and represents the sense ‘Smell”

7. I bow at your lotus feet decorated by glittering anklets studded with precious gems. O Ganapati, you are the treasure of noble qualities, the Commander of the fleet of Gods and surrounded by the humble devotees.

8. You are holding Modaka, a tasteful sweet in one hand and on the other your broken trunk. The third hand with the gesture of protection, Abhaya Mudra and the fourth with the gesture of fulfilling desires, the Varada Mudra. Your crown is decorated by the crescent moon. The enlightened souls always meditate upon you in their hearts. Some where in the corner of my heart I also want to have your glimpses.

9. You bestow auspiciousness on those who humble their heads at your feet. You are the embodiment of the essence of the Sound, the Shabdha Brahma, that is OMKARA. Please shower on me the nectar from the golden pot studded with gems held in the eleventh hand, that is the trunk.

10. O Lord, Son of Siva. You have humbled the pride of the 4 th day moon. O the Grandson of the emperor of Mountain Himavant, shower on me, the insignificant one, your grace.

11. My body is comprised of Seven subtle elements and five gross elements. O Son of Uma, Lord of tusk, I have become restless because of accumulated sins due to pride and ignorance. Please be present yourself in Medha, the mind and flood it with knowledge and wisdom

12. O Controller of all the worlds ! Grace me to control my wild senses. O Elephant faced Lord! You are seated with Lakshmi in Mooladhara Padma, which represents Va, Sa, Sha and sa the seed syllables

13. I am an ignorant, quite far away from good qualities and right path. Give me shelter at your Lotus feet and make me eligible to sip the nectar of your ever-protecting Lotus feet.

14. O Son of Uma, Lord of sacrifice fire, Yajnamoorti. You are worshipped as Swaha by the learned practitioners of sacrifice fire, the Agnihotris and at the same time you are worshipped as Swadha in the ceremonies of departed souls, pitrukarmas.

This garland pleases, Lord Ganesha, the binding with 28 petals formed to make pleasant 14 phrases. The garland, the Stotra bestows auspiciousness and fulfils all the desires of the devotee. I am the blessed disciple at the Lotus feet of gracious sadguru Chidanananda Natha and also favourite to all learned men. This garland is connected through Anantananda deep from my heart and offered with utmost devotion at the lotus feet of Chidananda Natha, my Guru.

Kannada Transliteration for Mahaganapati Moolamantra – Padamala

Sanskrit/Devanagiri Transliteration for Moolamantra – Padamala


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