KA TA PA YA Sutra in Sri Vidya Mantras associated with the names of Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari

KA TA PA YA Sutra is identifying the letters with a particular number from 1 to 9. Jaimini Sutras an Astrological treatise by Jaimini Maharshi the 4 th Century BCE has employed KA TA PA YA sutra to explain Astrological principles.

Identifying the Letter with a Number, if we want to call it Numerology was very much in use in our ancient texts.  Let me not deviate from the subject of this article.

As we know MULAMANTRA of Lalita Devi has 15 letters. Different permutation and combination of these 15 letters are identified as KADI VIDYA, HaDI VIDYA AND SADI VIDYA.

Further based on the different worshippers the fifteen syllabled Mulamantra has 12 variations like, Manu Vidya, Chandra Vidya, Nandi Vidya, Lopamudra Vidya and so on.

Similarly the theories of worship are divided into three classes- 1 Dakshinamurty mata, 2 Anandabhiarva mata and 3 Hayagreeva mata.

The Devi indicated by 16 lettered Mantra is called Shodashi, the eighteen lettered mantra form is called Soubhagya Panchadashi and 28 lettered mantra form is called Mahashodashi.

Now let us see what this KA TA PA YA system is :-

KA (क) TA (ट) PA प) YA( य) denotes the No 1
KHA (ख) THA (ठ) PHA (फ) RA (र) denotes the no 2
GA (ग) DA (ड) BA (ब) LA (ल) denotes the no 3
GHA (घ) DHA (ढ) BHA (भ) VA (व) denotes the no 4
NGA ( ग्न) NA (ण) MA (म) SA(स) denotes No 5
CHA ( च)) ThA (त) SHA (ष) denotes No 6
CHHA छ) ThhA (थ) sA (स) denotes No 7
JA (ज) DhA (द) HA (ह) denotes no 8
JHA ( झ्) dha (ध) denotes No 9

Lets apply this to:

बा ला
3 3 Makes 6
ल) लि तां बा
3   3  6    3                      MAKES 15

श्री ल  लि तां बि के
2 3    3   6  3   1                        MAKES 18

श्री रा   ज रा जॆ श्व रि
2    2   8  2  8  4  2                 MAKES 28

It is now appropriate to mention the ANGADEVATAS of Sri Lalita tripurasundari, Rajashyamala and Mahavarahi.

Navakashari Bala is Anga Devata, Annapoorna is Upanga Devata and Ashwaroodha is Pratyanga Devata for Sri Lalita Maha Tripurasundari

Similarly Laghushyamala is Angadevata, Vagvadini is Upanga Devata and Nakuli devi or Nakuli Sarasvati is Pratyanga Devata for Rajashyamala Rajamatangi

Laghuvarahi is Angadevata, Svapnavarahi is Upanga Devata and Tiraskarini is Pratyanga Devata for Maha Varahi.

Anga, Upanga and Prtyanga Devatas as Part, ancillary and reflex part of the Devi.


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