Rathasaptami- What Puranas say


We all know that Magha Shukla Saptami is called ratha Saptami and Puranas say that is the best day to worship the Sun God.
All our rituals in the name of different Gods & Goddesses have aimed at:-

1) Preparing us to manage very well the climatic changes.

2) Distribution of wealth in the name of giving in charity by those who can afford to those who are in need of it.

3) Make us involve in a different Physical and Mental activity other than the routine once in a way. It seems there was no weekly Friday / Sunday off on those days.

Ratha Saptami symbolize the change to spring season.

We find the reference of the rituals that is to be performed on this day in Naradeeya Purana as well in Bhavishya Purana.

Slokas 60 to 68 in the chapter No 116 describes the rituals to be performed on Magha Shukla Saptami. This Purana also depicts the rituals to be performed on Saptami in all the 12 months beginning from Chaitra to Phalguna.

Those interested in getting the original script of these Slokas may kindly refer the chapters and Slokas mentioned above

This day is known as “Achalaa vrata” and also “Trilochana Jayanti” ( The Three eyed GOD) . Most of us have mistaken it to  Soorya Jayanti. The Rituals performed on this day is said to relieve the one from all the sins.
The kings and emperors shall worship the Image of Sun Made of Gold The image is placed in a chariot yoked to Golden horses. After the worship all these should be given in charity to a deserving person. This ritual as said before is nothing but distribution of wealth.

The day is also known as BHASKAREE ( Not Bhaskara) Saptami which is said to be equivalent to worship of Crores of shining planets.

Very important ritual is taking bath at the time of sunrise placing 7 leaves each of Arka & Badari on the head ( Badari as I understand is the leaf of the Jujube tree). This is said to absolve the sins of seven births.

Another important and less known information is that this day is prescribed by Sun God himself as PUTRA PRADA VRATA Or Putra Saptami. Those worshiping Sun God and offering Havan will get a Son who is a Part of Sun God himself.

There is a detailed account of the worship of Sun in Bhavishya Purana in the form of dialogue between Sri Krishna & his son Samba. Here it is said that one shall offer Havissu chanting mentally the Mantra Om Varunaaya Svaha and thus Sun signifying Varuna is worshipped.



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