Mantra from Sri Durga Saptasloki for speedy recovery from illness


On many occasions I have mentioned that every sloka of Sri Durga sapta Shati are Mantras themselves giving specific results if they are used as Mantras.
Seven such slokas are taken together and composed as Durga Sapta slolki. Each one of them has a specific positive result.
The Sloka beginning as ‘ROGANA SHESHAANA ‘is for speedy recovery from bad health conditions.

The scientific world may have its own reservation to such an action of a Mantra, a sound wave in treating a patient. The Medical science accepts that without the Patient’s response to the treatment, even the best possible treatment may not be of any use. On the other hand, the patient’s mental strength to face the bad health condition and confidence to come out of it also supports the treatment.

I am sure such Mantras; the sound vibes will make the patient to respond to the treatment as well gives the mental strength to face the bad health condition and increase the confidence level to come out of the bad health condition.

With an open mind, our Medical Scientists may take up a scientific study on this.

In the first  video I have given introduction, in the next, I have chanted this Mantra 108 times, which may be chanted by the patients or they may listen to it using a head phone. Vibhooti or Kumkum may also be energized by chanting Mantra for applying on the fore head of the patient. If vibhooti is made properly without using any chemicals, a pinch of it may be taken by mouth also.

What is more interesting is, while writing this, incidentally, my attention is drawn to an article about a study done in Tokyo on damaged lung cells. The scientist Peter Campbell, who conducted study tells that ‘The damaged cells had not been able to magically repair themselves. Rather they are replaced by healthy cells which have escaped the damage. The precise mechanism by which the replacement occurs is not yet clear but it is believed that there may be a sort of reservoir of cells, waiting for a chance to emerge.

The key now would be to locate the reservoir of healthy cells and work out how they are able to replace the damaged ones. Such scientific studies reveal that the Nature has in it many more secrets and what the science has exposed is just a few drops in the ocean.

Another interesting thing is, I had not thought of posting this in my blog now. I have recorded the mantra for sending it to a friend of mine. While recording, I thought as to why this should not be posted in the blog and also post on my Youtube channel if it can benefit some one.



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