Mantra, Sukta, Shloka, Stotra , Stuti and Prarthane


This is the 99 th post in the blog. 99th article is in memory of my fathers’ 99 years Smarane on his 28th year Shraddha performed on 17th Jan 2020.

In fact I want to post an article on Jeevan Mukti and Videha Mukti as 99th article but could not do it as I am out of home since 17th evening.

Then I thought of posting on Mantra, Sukta, sloka, Stotra, Stuti and Prarthane

Mantra ( मंत्र) –  is a sacred chanting of a syllable or group of words that will have psychological and spiritual powers, preferably when initiated by a competent master ( GURU) to an eligible disciple

Example : SriVidya Mantras, Gayatri Mantra

Sukta (सूक्त) – Each Veda is divided into mandalas. Each mandala consists many number of hymns that are called Suktas . These suktas are used in performing various rituals These suktas contain number of sloka’s (verse)

Example : Purusha Sukta, Shree Sukta, Narayana Sukta, Durga Sukta etc.,

Stotra (स्तोत्र ) – These are the hymns written to praise the god. Suktam & Stotra both have same purpose to pray to god.

Example : Ganapati Stotra, Lakshmi Stotra, Shiva Stotra, Saraswathi Stotra and many more

Shloka (श्लोक) – A pair of successive lines of verse, typically rhyming and in a particular Chandas ( metre) Most Hindu scriptures are written in forms of sloka’s.

Example : Mahabharata, Ramayana & Upanishads

Stuti (स्तुति) – Any prayer offered to god/ goddess

Mantra, Sukta, Stotra, Aarti’s, Bhajan all these are Stutis only

Prarthane : This is the prayer requesting to fulfil one’s desire.

This may be in any of the forms mentioned above


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