Effect of Saturn transit to Capricorn on the Nation


It is very well known fact that Saturn, the Lord of Karmaphala will transit to own sign Capricorn on 24th Jan 2020.

It is my humble effort to predict the result of this transit on our social, financial, defence matters during this transit in brief without going very deep into the subject.

In Indian independence chart, this transit will occur over 9th house from Lagna and 7th house from Moon.

As there was no planet in Capricorn transiting on a Natal planet does not arise.

Transit of 7 th house from moon indicates facing more opposition for the actions of the government and also enemity with the neighbouring countries increase.

Transit of 9 th house from Lagna gives comfort and happiness to rulers as well to citizens.

9th house rules Dharma, in other words the Law governing the country. Transit of Saturn Karmadhipathi in association with Dharmadhipathi, Jupiter for almost 290 days split into 3 periods gives a perfect clue for bringing in many more laws for the welfare of the citizens.

Even constitutional amendments are not ruled out.

Saturn from Capricorn aspects 11th house which is a labha sthana, that too in association with Labhadhipathi from 30 March 2020 for three months will surely gear up our economical growth and by the end of this year we will see such an economic growth which was ever before. We need to wait and watch what miracle that happens but Saturn and Jupiter sitting in 9th house and Saturn aspecting 11 th house will make it happen.

Saturn from Capricorn also aspects 3 rd house where there were 5 planets in the independent chart out of which Saturn moon is not at all good.

This indicates bad health of top political leaders irrespective of the parties they belong to and death also cannot be ruled out. Such situation occurred also during the transit of Saturn in Capricorn 30 years back. Of course the planetary dispositions were not the same as it is now but in independence chart Saturn moon conjunction is not good for top leaders.

Saturn from Capricorn aspects 6th Bhava and Jupiter deposited there in independence chart. Saturn aspecting 6 th house is sure to destroy the enemies that too by joining Jupiter who was placed in 6th.

From 5-12-2019 Moon Dasa Jupiter Bhukti has started and during this period Gajakesari yoga operates and the Nation is capable of handling whatever the challenges it faces very successfully. Incidentally for the PM also Moon Dasa begins from 30-11-2011 which will complement the Gajakesari yoga. India is going to become one of the strongest country in the world. Saturn in Capricorn does it joining with Jupiter which is happening after 60 years.

All the present protests damaging the national assets, loss of properties due to fire and electrical accidents being the result of the recent solar eclipse comes to an end by the entry of Saturn to Capricorn on 24th Jan and later joining by Jupiter on 30 th March.

I will, in a separate post discuss the result of Saturn transit on the birth chart of our PM and also try to consolidate the result with reference to our independence chart.


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