Gayatri Mantra explained in Agni Purana


There is a query by this blog reader on my mail which reads as “What is the meaning of Gayatri mantra and which form to meditate on, who is the deity, is it paramatma (as syana bhasya ) , is it savitri -savitur ( savitri upanishad ) or gayatri mata”

For the answer, I need to look into our ancient scriptures only. They have answer for all the queries, doubts, questions but we should have time, will and interest to know them.
Firstly, I must say that Gayatri is “Brahma Vidya”- What is Brahma Vidya? I am not competent to answer this.
Angirasa tells Sounaka- ‘Knowledge of Atman is Brahma Vidya”
Swami Sivananda describes Brahma Vidya as ‘Science of Brahman, the science of absolute’ I will not delve more on this subject.
Part of the query is answered.

The next part is “What is the meaning of Gayatri Mantra”
I have attached to this post, the portion of Agni Purana, original Sanskrit version along with its English translation. which has not only very well explained the meaning of Gayatri Mantra but also explained as to how one should breath while chanting the sacred syllables.

I am thankful to the reader Shri Shashanka Bhat who made me to glance through Agni Purana.

Gayatri In Agni purana English

Gayatri In Agni purana- Sanskrit

Youtube video link also attached.

One Comment on “Gayatri Mantra explained in Agni Purana

  1. Very true. Also Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and Chandogya Upanishad gives more details about the Gayatri Chandassu as well as about the Gayatri mantra. The most revered mother of Sanatana Dharma.


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