Penumbral Lunar eclipse- not to get panic

During a total lunar eclipse, the INNER SHADOW of the earth (umbra) falls directly on the moon and at mid-eclipse, the moon may look blood red as it is entirely covered with Inner shadow of the earth.

When a partial lunar eclipse occurs, the INNER SHADOW of the earth covers only a part of the moon and hence only the part of the moon looks blood red.

When the OUTER SHADOW of the earth falls on the moon, that particular part of moon looks dull and not as bright as regular full moon. This is called penumbral lunar eclipse.

The lesser brightness of the Moon during penumbral Lunar Eclipse cannot be even noticed by us unless we observe it very closely, comparing it mentally with the brightness of the regular full moon.

To night, what we are going to see is penumbral lunar eclipse where the OUTER SHADE of the earth covering the moon.

A regular eclipse should not be seen by bare eyes but penumbral eclipse may be seen with bare eyes.

Penumbral lunar eclipse will not create any drastic change in the Galaxy as in case of regular lunar eclipse and hence no religious rituals are prescribed by our ancient texts.

Our ancient texts have not even considered penumbral eclipse as eclipse itself. It is only after the development of Astronomical science we have come to know about such a penumbral Lunar eclipse.

So there is nothing to be panic on the effect of the Lunar eclipse to day.

For Bangalore the penumbral lunar eclipse begins at 10 37 PM, mid point, that is maximin outer shadow on moon is at O 40 and comes to end at 2 42 AM.

Photo courtesy internet:WhatsApp Image 2020-01-10 at 5.13.34 PM

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