Saturn Transit to Makara (Capricorn) – Part 1

Saturn enters Makara ( Capricorn) on 24-1-2020 at 9-59 AM ( 9-58-45) Pushya Masa Amavasye, Uttarashadha Nakshatra 2 nd pada in Meena Lagna Pushkaramasha. Joining Sun, Moon and Mercury leaving behind Jupiter and ketu in Sagittarius (Dhanus)

Saturn moves to Kumbha on 29-4-2022 to come back again on 12-6-2022 to Makara and remains in Makara till 17-1-2023.

Total stay of Saturn in Makara is 24-1-2020 to 17-1-2023 almost three years out of which about 2 months only he will be in Kumbha and hence it is a long stay of Saturn in Makara for 2 years 10 months.

During this Makara Transit of Saturn, Jupiter will be conjoined with Saturn from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020 & 20-11-2020 to 6-4-2021 & 14-9-2021 to 21-11-2021. That is about 290 days. 

They join again in Leo only on 7 th Oct 2038 after 18 years.

In 1990 Saturn entered Makara on 21 st March Phalguna Krishna Ashtami, Poorvashadha Nakshatra 3 rd pada in Makara Lagna Pushkaramasha Joining Sun. Jupiter was in Gemini

In 1961 Saturn entered Makara on 2 nd Feb 1961, Magha Krishna Padyami, Makha Nakashtra 1 st Pada in Tula Lagna Kumbha Navamsha, joining sun and leaving Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter joined Saturn within 10 days that is on 10 th Feb 1961.

Saturn transit results based only on moon sign will be very vague unless the following  12 factors are also to be considered:

1. Ascendant

2. Placement of Saturn in the birth chart

3. Total Ashtakavarga bindus for Saturn in Makara

4. Ashtakavarga Bindus contributed by Saturn only in Makara ( 0 or 1)

5. Dasa and bhukti lords transits from Saturn present transit

6. Transit of Saturn over planets in birth chart

7. Gochara vedha

8. Vipareeta Vedha

9. Nakshatra Vedha

10. Placement of moon at the time of Saturn transit from Janma rasi

11. Dasama Samagama ( aspect of the transiting planet on 10 th Bhava in the birth chart)

12. Moon sign.

It is now very clear that the result of Saturn transit in Makara shall not be predicted only on Moon sign (Rasi).

I wish the readers of this blog to send their birth details (Date of birth, Time, Place and Gender) and I want to select about 5 to 6 charts to predict the transit of Saturn in Makara considering all the above 12 parameters. Those sending birth details need not disclose their identity. The prediction that will be posted in the blog will only have birth details and will not have the person’s identity but the person sending the birth details will know that the prediction apply to him/her.




Saturn transit to Capricorn – Chart #1

Saturn transit to Capricorn – Chart #2

4 Comments on “Saturn Transit to Makara (Capricorn) – Part 1

  1. Dear sir i have sent in ny details please check your spam folder just incase you didn’t receive my email


  2. Sir jay jagannath, from September 2020
    I am facing financial problems, my life is
    not easy. Kind help.
    Pob-jajpur , Odisha.


    • Sorry. Your comment is seen to day. We will come back to you soon. Pl share your whatsup number. Otherwise, the prediction and remedy will be posted in this comment box if you so wish


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