What is in Puranas?- Part 1

Eighteen Puranas are recognized as Mahapuranas. They are Brahma, Padma, Vishnu, Vayu, Bhagavatha, Naradeeya, Markandeya, Agni, Bhavishya, Brahma Vaivarta, Linga, Varaha, Skanda, Vamana, Koorma, Matsya, Garuda and Brahmanda.

All Puranas confirm in general to a uniform structure known as Pancha Lakshana or claim to have the following five characteristic topics viz., the creation of the Universe (Sarga), destruction or Pralaya (Pratisarga), genealogy of Sages and Kings, the great periods, called Manvantaras, history of dynasties both Solar and Lunar races etc.,
Not only verses but long passages of verses are found common to a number of Puranas. Each Purana tries to follow the proto-type of that ancient text called the Purana.

Brahma Purana is said to Contain 10000 verses.

The Contents of Brahma Purana is as under:

Origin of Devas, Suras, Daksha Prajapathi and other Prajapathis. Narration of Surya vamsha, Supreme Atman, Incarnation of Rama, Narration of Chandra Vamsha, Story of Krishna, continents and subcontinents, description of heaven & hell. Birth of Parvathi, marriage, narrative of Daksha, description of the holy centre Ekamra, description of Purushottama, pilgrimage of Jagannatha purl, story of Krishna is explained in detail, description of Yama Loka, procedure of Pitru shradha, duties of different group of people and duties at different stages of life. Narration of Yugas and Pralaya. Narration of Sankhya Yoga, description of Brahmavada (philosophy of Brahman) and the eulogy of the Purana.

Reading of this Purana is said to destroy all sins and bestows all happiness.
Even reading and listening to this index, table of contents to the Brahma Purana shall give the same benefit of reciting and listening of the entire Purana.

Part2 – Padma Purana

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