Solar Eclipse: Use it to our advantage

What ever the best efforts we put forth to allay unnecessary fear about the eclipses, for the reasons unknown, the fear has deep rooted in our belief system. I have put my efforts to allay such fears by analyzing the planetary dispositions and tried to establish as to how this Solar eclipse push us forward and posted in the blog.

Yes, any eclipse creates an unusual environment on the earth planet which may be used for our advantage.  We read and hear from the History that our ancestors used to travel to sacred places to be there on the day of eclipse to do their Adhyatmika sadhana.

The identification of Navadhanya, representing nine planets also is the wisdom of our ancestors. Navdhanya, nine seeds, symbolizes the protection of biological and cultural diversity.   “dhana”, gift or giving in charity of Navadhanyas is the ultimate gift – it is a gift of life, of heritage and continuity.  This is purpose of introducing Navadhanya in the Navagraha Aradhana.  It is “Yava” Barley identified with Sun. I don’t know when we have changed the Surya mantra mentioning wheat as seed for Sun.

Let us get back to Solar eclipse and how to use it very positively. To satisfy our belief system, irrespective of which Star, Rasi or Lagna we are born, let us give in charity to the needy, wheat and Horse gram, if possible with red cloth and multi coloured cloth.

Keep adequate quantity of DHARBE (Sacred grass) in kitchen, in water tank, sump and pooja room because it is proved that Dharbe will reduce the radiation effect during solar eclipse. (Click here for Significance of Dharbe)

Take bath at the beginning of the Eclipse and sit in a place – We may chant mantras, stotras, sahasranamas or listen to them during the eclipse. We may do Dhyana quietly- We may do Mantra Japa, If we have one such initiated to us. Let us refrain from all regular activities and concentrate and focus on what ever we like. We shall keep the stomach empty so that the energy utilised to digest is used for better concentration. Visualise that we are fulfilling all your desires, giving shape to all our plans and projects. We shall create a very strong thought in the mind that the Solar eclipse is a God given gift to us to take us forward from where we are.

During the Eclipse we may either chant Aditya Hrudaya or listen to it with concentration. The Sound waves have a wonderful positive impact on our mind.  I am attaching to this post youtube link of Aditya Hrudaya chanted by Atmanandanatha.

Once the eclipse ends, we shall take bath with the same cloths on and sit for few minutes visualising that we have absorbed all the positiveness of the Eclipse and we are sure to move forward. We may also perform pooja, Naivedya Arati,  if we are practicing it regularly.  After that let us move on our routine.

sarvejanaaH SukhinO Bhavantu Samasta Sanmangalaani Bhavantu


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