Solar Eclipse: Dec 26 – What is in store? Part 3

Before concluding this write up, it is much needed to tell the effect of Eclipse on individuals but I am convinced that it needs lot of research on the subject as we have no reference from our ancient texts on astrology to predict the effect of eclipses  on the individuals  Still I shall try to say what I understood with my very humble experience.

1.Consider not only birth star and moon sign but also Ascendant rising at the time of birth ( Janma Lagna)

2. Consider the placement of Jupiter and Sun in the birth chart.

It is commonly believed that all those born in the Star and sign where the eclipse occur will have bad effects. It is necessary to consider the point of Eclipse and the bad effect may be pronounced only when this point coincides with the point in Birth chart either in Ascendant or in Moon sign and not for every one born in the same star or same Ascendant.

The present Solar Eclipse on 26 Dec 2019 begins at 9-52 ( This is not the time- this is degree and minutes called Graha Sphuta) in Sagittarius and ends at 10-00. These points correspond to Moola Star 3 rd part and the conjunction point of 3 rd and 4 th part and hence it may be crucial only to those born in Moola 3 rd and 4 th part or to those birth Ascendant ( Janma Lagna)  falls in these points.  Bad effect also is pronounced for the stars one before and one after  the eclipse star. In the present instance it is Jyeshta 3 rd and 4 th part as well Poorvashadha 3rd and 4th part, also Ascendant falling in these points.

It is also said that the Anujanma amd Trijanma Stars are also effected. Anujanma is the 9 th, Trijanma is 18 th from the Star in which eclipse occur. Presently it is Ashvini and Makha 3 rd and 4 th parts.

It is interested to note that because of eclipse is occurring in FIRE sign and is positive for other 2 FIRE signs Aries and Leo, but Makha Star corresponds with Leo. Because Leo is FIRE sign one cannot pronounce bad effect to Makha star births. On the other hand it is positive for Leo borns ( Moon Sign as well ascendant)

The present eclipse may be bad for those born in Sagittarius, particularly n Moola 3 rd or 4th Part or the Ascendant rising at birth in the same points. These individuals should take utmost care of their health as well the health of their parents. Must exert caution while driving, while climbing up and climbing down steps. These Individuals also have the good news for them , that they will complete the projects if any taken by them before, if they put efforts now,  because the lord of Sign Jupiter is placed in his own house.

The above results also apply for those, Sun and / Or Jupiter placed in Sagittarius that too in Moola Star in their birth chart.

As said before, six planets conjoining in one sign during Eclipse and among them benefic planets being strong, and no influence on the sign by other planets by aspect or otherwise, except Rahu, is very  good and not at all bad. Let us not unnecessarily  fear of this 6 planets conjunction.

The Results of the eclipse on individuals given below applies to those born in the that Moon sign ( Rasi), born in that Ascendant ( Janma Lagna) as well the sign of placement of Jupiter and Sun in the birth Chart.

  1. Aries:- Eclipse in 9 th house- Improve in financial position, Long travels, caution on health.
  2. Taurus:- Eclipse in 8 th house- Gain from Share Market, income from unexpected source, victory in litigation, including ancestor properties, caution on theft of Money
  3. Gemini:-  Eclipse in 7 th – Support and co operation from partners in business and colleagues, gain by establishment of new contacts, Caution on borrowing money and offering guarantee for some one’s loan
  4. Cancer:- Eclipse in 6 th- Improvement in health, progress in business, caution for Government Servants- Likely to make mistakes resulting in punishment.
  5. Leo:- Eclipse in 5 th- Progress in the education of children, caution of health of Children , watch out on their friends circle.
  6. Virgo:- Eclipse in 4 th:- Peace and prosperity in the house, relief from all worries, Caution on health of the parents.
  7. Libra:- Eclipse in 3 rd- Help and support from friends and relatives, good news from many sources, caution on long travels, identify back stabbing friends & Relatives.
  8. Scorpio:- Eclipse in 2 nd:- Financial progress, Income from Share markets, Caution- No new projects.
  9. Sagittarius:- Already said before.
  10. Capricorn:- Eclipse in 12 th – Improvement in life with the help and support of friends & relatives, help and support is reciprocal, Expenses on good events like marriage, Caution on health.
  11. Aquarius:- Eclipse in 11 th-  Help from Government officials and politicians, promotion for Govt officials, Caution in seeking help from friends
  12. Pisces:- Eclipse in 10 th – Improvement in business, career and profession, caution- Government officials likely to make mistakes and undergo punishment

Let me explain with an example as to how to understand the above results based on Moon sign, Ascendant ( Janma Lagna), Placement of Jupiter & Sun in the birth chart:

In the birth chart, if the Moon sign ( Rasi) is Gemini, the Ascendant ( Janma Lagna ) is Scorpio, Sun in Cancer and Jupiter is in Virgo.

All that is said for Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer and Virgo shall apply

The results of the Solar eclipse on individuals will be for a period of as many years of the duration of eclipse in Hours and as many months of the duration of the Eclipse in Minutes according to a Tamil Classical text. Accordingly the effect of this Solar eclipse will be for 3 years and 5 months.  One should read these results along with the results of dasa, bhukti and transit of planets.

Our Society has human beings, Angels in the form of Human beings as well demons in the form of human beings. This division is based on their characteristics.  All the results said above applies to Human beings, Angels are not all affected by Eclipse, demons are sure to get the punishment for their misdeeds. The nature creates such a permutation, combination of celestial bodies only to punish these demons.

Having said this much, it is necessary  to look into to the birth charts of our Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Karnataka with reference to this Solar Eclipse

The PMs Ascendant as well Moon sign is Scorpio. The lord of the Ascendant is placed in the Ascendant, devoid of influence of any other planet by way of aspect or otherwise. Mars, the Lord of Lagna is the personification of Courage. He is the Commander in chief of the Army.

This Eclipse seems to be an invitation to control the neighboring countries creating trouble in the border.

The only planet that is very strong is Jupiter in his Birth chart being in the youthful state. The Eclipse occurring in 11 th house from his Jupiter, 2nd house from his  Moon sign and Ascendant, it implies that the powerful nations support us to come out of the financial slow down.

The rumors of attack on PM remains only as rumors because of Jupiter placed in Aquarius, and in D 27 chart, Jupiter in Pisces, exalted Mars, and rahu placed in 3 rd.

Moon dasa and sub dasa of Venus, the Seventh and 12 th lord indicates that opposition parties improve their strength as well dissidence in his own party and supporting parties and organisations is also very well indicated but PM s chair is very strong.


Looking at the birth chart of Karnataka CM, Eclipse is occurring in his Ascenndant, Sagittarius. CM has become strong because of natal chart Jupiter has aspect on Transit Jupiter since Nov 5, 2019.

Eclipse in his Ascendant sign and the Dasa of Debilitated Moon aspected by Saturn cautions him on inside back stabbers.  The Sub Dasa of Venus who is exalted in his birth chart is the very bright silver line. At the time of the dasa of debilitated planet it is indicated that what is seen from outside may not be really true. This Eclipse cautions him on his Health. Utmost care is needed on this front.

Remedy is Chanting or listening Aditya Hrudaya, and Shanti for Chandra. This will strengthen his position as well improve the health.

Lastly, I must tell the very  wonderful results, because of the conjunction of Sun and Jupiter that too in Sagittarius which can occur once in 12 years.  Such a conjunction though takes place in another sign Pisces once in 12 years but the Conjunction in Sagittarius is very special because it is the fire element and the Sun himself is the source of FIRE.

The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is very special to protect all that is good and destroy all that is bad for the society. It is my strong conviction and we are sure to experience this in coming days.

The conjunction of sun and Jupiter in any sign gives mental happiness, new avenues for progress, open up eyes to spiritual path, higher education, long and fruitful travel, new contacts , friends, fructifying  new projects. Every thing positive, every thing progress. When the Conjunction occurs in Sagittarius these positive results become multi fold.

It is normal practice, that no auspicious rituals like marriage, House warm etc., are held between Dec 14 to jan 14, which bis termed as Dhanurmasa, ( Sun in Sagittarius)

I find a need for exception to this rule / practices in  Dhanurmasa  once in twelve years when Jupiter joins Sun in Sagittarius for having understood the benefit of the conjunction of Jupiter and Sun in the own sign of Sagittarius, a sign of Fire element.

May Jupiter and Sun Shower their grace on all of us. My prayers at the lotus feet of My GURU  and GURUMANDALA ROOPINI Sri Lalita Maha Tripuara Sundari to bless us,and our Nation  and to take us and our Nation forward.


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