Solar Eclipse: Dec 26 – What is in store? Part 2

We all know as to how the Solar Eclipse occur and hence needs no explanation. They are the play created by the nature between Sun, Moon and the Earth planet.

It is strongly believed since time immemorial, that 7 celestial bodies among many such celestial bodies and two points in the space named as Rahu & Ketu ( South and North Nodes) totally nine in number called Navagrahas has effect on all the changes that occur on earth planet and more so on the mental and physical activities of individuals.   The great Astro scientists and Astrologers, Varahamihira, ParaShara, Garga, Jaimini, Kalidasa and others for having did lot of research and study on the effect of these celestial bodies on the earth planet as well on individuals which has resulted in voluminous literature which is our treasure. On the similar lines, the great scholars called “Siddhars” from south India also recorded their findings on the effect of these celestial bodies in Tamil and most of them have not seen the print.  It is worth mentioning that Siddhar Pulippaani a disciple of Bhoga Siddhar has in 300 verses given the essence of the Indian Astrology and it is available in print.

Having believed and accepted that these 9 celestial bodies have effect on individual human beings, it is not wrong to accept and believe that a rare phenomenon of the Eclipses also have effect on the Individuals but we must agree that there is no deep study or research on the subject.

This being the situation, the purpose of this small write up is to convey that, it may not be proper to pronounce the effect of the Eclipses based only on the birth star and birth Zodiac sign and causing fear in the minds of people.

This write up is surely not to disrespect  any body but to create an urge and necessity to take up the study and research on the effect of Eclipses on individuals based on their birth charts rather than predicting based only on the birth stars and create fear in the minds of common people.

Now let us look into the positions of these celestial bodies on 26 December 2019 at the time of beginning of the Solar Eclipse, midpoint of Eclipse and at the end.

Eclipse begins when Sagittarius 29-43 rising on Thursday in Moola Star 3 rd pada- Mid point is Capricorn 21-15 and ends at Aquarius 20-21 at the cusp of Moola 3 rd and 4 th pada.

At the beginning of eclipse, Saturn 26-35, Ketu 14-25, Jupiter 11-12, Sun 9-52, Moon 8-23 and Mercury 01-03 in Sagittarius. Venus 13-02 in Capricorn, Mars 0-17 in Scorpio and Rahu 14-25 in Gemini.

At the end of the Eclipse Sun 10-00, Moon 10-14. Other planets there is no noticeable change.

Solar Eclipse is occurring on Thursday in the Zodiac sign Sagittarius owned by Jupiter, Sagittarius. Eclipse is caused by Ketu the south Lunar Node.

I must tell what Ketu and Rahu is – Ketu is the South Lunar Node. It is the point of incision when Moon moves from North to South in its orbit and crosses Sun’s path.  Rahu is the North Lunar Node. It is the point of incision when Moon moves from South to North in its orbit and crosses Sun’s path.

Jupiter and Ketu represent Righteousness, Knowledge and wisdom. Both oppose Injustice and Adharma and also restore Justice and Righteousness. Conjunction of Rahu & Jupiter, though considered bad, the conjunction of Ketu and Jupiter is good. Going by all the data, Jupiter is all powerful during Eclipse.

It may not be correct to say that Jupiter is in combustion and hence not strong enough, because the combustion of the planet in its own house/sign will not affect its strength.

Benefic Venus in Capricorn and owner of the Zodiac sign Scorpio,Mars in Scorpio is ‘Shubha Kartaree Yoga” and hence the Zodiac sign Sagittarius in which Eclipse occurs is also strong. Yes, there are 6 Planets deposited in Sagittarius but Sun & Jupiter being in the Youthful State are very strong whereas Saturn being in Dead state, Mercury is Infant state and Ketu in Adolescent State are weak. Moon being a New moon day is weak.

Measurement of Strength of planets at any given time and place by  different yard sticks is called ‘Shadbala”. The Shadbala of Sun and Jupiter at the time of beginning of the Eclipse is above average but Sun’s Shadbala increase by the time Eclipse comes to an end. In navamsha chart, that is in D 9 Chart,  Ascendant rising is Sagittarius itself and Jupiter is in exaltation in Cancer and thus the strength of Jupiter is further increased.

Similarly at the beginning of eclipse though the Shadbala of Saturn is more than the Sun, it turns out to be opposite at the end.

By compiling all these data it may be concluded without any doubt that the eclipsed Sun and Jupiter in whose Zodiac sign the Eclipse occurs are extremely strong enough.

The result of all these permutation and combination of the planets in one sentence is “All that is bad is bound to end and all that is good to the society is protected”. We shall see this happening in coming days.

I remember to have told similar thing when Jupiter entered Sagittarius in November  2019.

This write up is incomplete without writing the effect of this eclipse on the Political, Social and financial situations. At this point of time, it may not be necessary to elaborate on the planetary positions in our independence Chart but Rahu placed in  the Ascendant and a powerful Kalasarpa Dosha  must to be mentioned which clearly indicates that, what we have been supporting, nurturing willingly or unwillingly all these years.

In spite of this, it is the good deeds of our ancestors that 8 th Lord Jupiter deposited in  sixth producing ‘Vipareeta rajayoga” that too without the influence of any other planets.

Eclipse occurs at  8 th place from the Ascendant of the Independence Chart and at  6 th  from the placement of Sun and Moon. This is the clear indication of destruction of enemies inside and outside the country.  8 th Lord of the Independence chart being in 8 th and strong at the time of eclipse, 4 Out of 5 planets in 3 rd house in the independence chart are now in 8 th conjoining with Jupiter shows the internal unrest. (This statement is not referring  to present situation across the country but purely on the planetary dispositions). Mars, the planet of fire, though in its own house in 12 th from the eclipse sign, indicates loss to national assets by Fire. The Loss may be minimal because of Mars is placed in his own sign.

The lord of 8 th also being the 11 th lord as per Independence chart and also aspects the 2 nd sign Gemini, the house of finance, there is absolutely no doubt of improving financial position of the nation after the Jupiter enters Capricorn on 30 th march 2020.  The crucial decisions that may be taken by the Finance Minister from now on wards till 15 May 2020, that is before Saturn and Jupiter begin their retrogression makes all the difference. The planetary disposition indicates that the Finance Minister will surely take suitable and perfectly correct decisions.

I repeat what is said in the first part of this write up that this Solar Eclipse will push us and our Nation to the next level, next stage. New dimensions and opportunities open up.

Disposition of Jupiter during Eclipse aspects 4 th House of the Independence Chart indicates that the Home Minister will face lot of opposition but he will comfortable over come the opposition.

In our independence chart, 4 th lord Sun is placed in 3 rd associated with Lord of Ascendant, 5 th Lord, 3 rd Lord, 9 th and 1o th Lords ( Dharma karmadhipathis) and hence our country always had  strong Home Ministers.

Continued………….Part 3

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