26 December, Analysis of Solar Eclipse

The first reference to Solar eclipse is from 40th Sookta in the 5th Mandala of Rigveda. Those interested may refer to this section of Rigveda.

To understand and appreciate the benefit of the eclipses, the first and foremost thing is, one must come out of the bizarre fear of Eclipses.  Eclipses are the nature’s gift to help us move from the present stage to the next higher stage. It is in our hands to make use of the eclipses to our advantage.

An eclipse can bring many good things like birth of a child in the family, marriage or engagement, a promotion at work, likely to make an important travel plan, brings new thoughts and ideas, to pursue higher education and many more such events which remains in our memory for long.

whatever happens or not, the purpose of “The Universal consciousness” and the “Universal energy” is to take everything forward. It is true that an Eclipse brings a life turning memorable important changes. Even if no changes occur in our lives, such change may occur in the Family or among our close relatives.

An important thing to note is, that the Universal consciousness, the energy of Brahmanda, through Eclipses pushes us forward that too very far away from the present state.  Even if we don’t like the new state, there is no way to reverse or go back to previous state, but we can always try to move forward.

The changes may occur immediately or may take a few months.

Specifically, the Solar Eclipses create new dimensions and opportunities for us. Solar eclipses are always exciting, stimulative and triggers positive thoughts.  Eclipses occur one after the other, because they complement each other.

An incident / event that has occurred far away from us may also have immediate impact on us because of an Eclipse. The incidents, events supposed to occur sometime in future, may occur instantly as a result of an Eclipse.

Surprisingly, the eclipses showers glittering rays of truth on our life. It brings in us the awareness of Truth. If we prefer to close our MIND & EYES without recognising the truth, it is only our fate.

An eclipse won’t let us go back. They only push us forward. It brings new experiences. We just have to open up our mind and eyes to these experiences. The news we may hear, the signals/intuitions we get, even may be a gossip during the time of eclipses, have to be taken seriously, because they subtly convey an important message.

We have to be cautious, if birthday falls before or after five to six days of eclipse. Solar eclipses indicate the loss of senior male member of the family. It is good to abstain from taking important decisions on the day of eclipse and 3 days prior and after.

If an eclipse occurs in Agni Rashi (Zodiac sign) then all those born in Agni Rashis i.e., Mesha, Simha, Dhanus will benefit.

Similarly, if an eclipse occurs during Jala Rashi then all those born in Jala Rashis i.e., Karkataka, Vrishchika and Meena Rashi will benefit.

Likewise, if an eclipse occurs during Pruthvi Rashi, then those born in Vrushaba, Kanya and Makara will benefit.

If an eclipse occurs during Vaayu Rashi, then those born in – Mithuna, Thula and Kumbha will benefit

It is said that Rashi in which the eclipse occurs, have negative effects. This rule or the belief is opposite to the rules said above. Assuming that eclipse in the Rashi gives bad effect to that rashi born,  it is beneficiary to other two rashis of the same tattva. For ex, the upcoming solar eclipse on 26th Dec 2019 is occurring in Dhanus rashi. Even if it is negative for Dhanus rashi as believed, it is good for other two agni tatva rashis,  Mesha and Simha.

We have to come out of the prejudice that eclipses are always bring in bad results. Even If we come across difficulties temporarily, it will finally bring positive changes to us. Knowingly or unknowingly eclipses bring out the subtle energies hidden within and give us the opportunity to use them.

We have to know this truth that solar eclipses give us a new perspective in life. Being humans, generally our outlook is always finite and limited. It is also true that we always work within this finite boundary. Due to this, we may have lost many opportunities. Solar eclipses make us find new opportunities. During this process we may likely to face difficulties temporarily.  Instead of brooding over the difficulties we have to concentrate on finding new opportunities.

Eclipses are check points in space. They lighten up our karmic course. They change the time domain and make it faster. This seems to be unbelievable, but true.

26 December 2019 Solar eclipse brings new openings and unexpected opportunities for sure. For most of us Solar eclipse brings awareness that we are entitled for more than what we are now getting. It is not an exaggeration, if we say that the eclipses are the invitation to the Universe, the Brahmanda, seeking prosperity.

Sri Varaha Mihira, a great Astrologer and an Astro scientist said to have been in the court of Vikramaditya, during 57 B.C,  in his work “Brihat Samhita” has described the effects of eclipses on different varnas and different regions on the earth planet.  The scripture is silent on the effect of eclipses on individuals born in different rashis and nakshatras.

Post Varahamihira many Astrological Scriptures refers to Impact on Nakastra born where Eclipses occur, it’s next Nakshatra and previous nakshatra as well Anujanma and Trijanma Nakshatras.

These scriptures  did not mention the effects, considering  individual’s janma lagna, the Sun’s placement during birth, the Bhava in which the eclipses occur, the position of Ketu, Rahu in one’s birth chart, the relationship of the planets conjoined with Rahu or Ketu during eclipses with reference to one’s birth chart  and many more such factors. All these factors need to be examined carefully and in depth, before arriving at the impact of the Eclipses on individuals, if at all there is any impact of the eclipses on individuals according to our belief system embedded in our genes for thousands of years.

Eclipses are the phenomenon of what we call GOD, the Universal Consciousness. Eclipses are not created by the GOD, the Universal Consciousness, to trouble millions of human beings born in a particular Nakshatra. If we try to understand this phenomenon, the bizarre fear about Eclipses will disappear.


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