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Tithi Nitya Devis: 14-2 Sri Jvalamalini Nityadevi Dhyanasloka

Sri GurubhyO NamaH Sri ParamagurubhyO NamaH Sri ParamEShThi GurubhyO NamaH

Continuing the Dhyanaslokas of Tithi Nitya Devis,to day, 11 th Dec 2019 being Shukla Chaturdsahi,that is 14 th day after New moon day, it is thought appropriate to provide the Dhayna Sloka of Sri Jvalamalini Nitya, the Tithi Nitya for Shukla Chaturdashi as well Krishna dviteeya,that is two days after full moon day.

14-2 Shukla paksha Chaturdashi & Krishna paksha Dviteeya Tithi ruled by Sri Jvalamalini Nityadevi Dhyanasloka:

Jvalajvalana saMkaaSaaM MaaNikya mukutOjvalaam

ShadvaktraaM dvaadaSa bhujaam sarvaabharaNa bhUSitaam

paaSaankuSau khadgakhEtau caapanaaNau gadaadarau’

sUlabanhI varaabhIti dadhanaam karapankajai

svapramaaNaabhisahitaH SaktibhiH parivaaritaaM

caarusmitaladvaktrasarOjaaM treekShanaanvitaaM

She is the Nitya of flame- Her body itself is of flaming fire. She is adorned with the crown studded with Ruby.  Her faces are six having three brighten eyes in each face and her 11 hands are holding noose,goad, sword,armour, bow,arrow, mace,trident, pike, conch and fire,the 12 th is showing the boon granting gesture. She is surrounded by her aids who are equal to her strength.She is adorned with all types of ornaments. Her face is very pleasing because of her gentle and sweet smile.

This form of Sri Jvalamalini is portrayed in the youtube link,provided below.

Following verses depicts the yantra,the geometrical expression of Sri Jvalamalini Nitya.

This yantra may also be seen in the youtube link below

Dhyaatvyaimupacaarai stiararcayEttaam ta nityaSaH

Caturasra dvayam kRutvaa caturdvaara samanvitaam

saSakhamaShTapatraabjamaMtaraatrya srakaM ta taH

SatkONam madhyatastryasram vidhaayaaMtra SivaaM yajEt

Geometrical expression is of two squares with four doors, inscribed in it Eight lotus petals.Again inscribing with in eight lotus petals two reversed triangles to make 6 angles. With in these two reverse triangles lies a  Triangle in the center of which Sri Jvalamalini Nitya Devi is worshipped.

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Tithi Nitya Devi Puja:

Instructions to perform Tithi nitya devi Pooja



Youtube link for Dhyanasloka

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