Tithi Nitya Devis: 1-15 Sri Kameshwari Nityadevi Dhyanasloka

Sri GurubhyO NamaH Sri ParamagurubhyO NamaH Sri ParamEShThi GurubhyO NamaH

All those in Sri Vidya Upasana are very well aware of Tithi Nitya Devatas and hence I will not elaborate on these Devatas but provide their Dhyana Slokas which is in the form of dialogue between Sanatkumara and Narada. I am also trying to give the meaning of these Dhaynaslokas which may help to picturise / imagine the Devata during Dhyana, the Meditation. Still some one wants to know specific information about these Devis, I shall try to provide it with the grace of my Sri Vidya Guru and Gurumandala. 15 tithis ( Lunar days)  from first day after Amavasya, that is Shukla padya to Pournami and 15 Tithis from Krishna Padya to Amavsya are assigned to 15 Tithi Nitya Devis

Sri Kameshwari Nitya Devi is the Tithi Nitya Devi for Shukla Padya and Amavasya Tithi.  That is for Amavasya and also for the next day after Amavasya.

Devi Aradhakas, devotees, though not initiated into SriVidya, may also do meditation on these Tithi Nitya on particular Tithis with the respective Dhyana Slokas. What is needed is devotion, faith & trust in DEVI.

Following is the Kameshwari Dhyana Sloka. This being transliteration and not in IAST form, it is likely to be wrongly pronounced and hence I have attached the youtube link from where the correct pronunciation may he heard and the Sloka may be written in the language which is convenient for reading.

1-15 Shukla paksha Padya and Krishna paksha Amavasya Tithi ruled by Sri Kameshwari Nityadevi Dhyanasloka:

Balaarka kOTi sankaaSaam maaNikyamukuTOjvalaam

haaragraivEva kaanchibhirUrmi kaanu puraadibhiH

maMditaaM raktavasanaam ratnaabharaNa Sobhitaam

Shadbhujaam trIkShaNaamindukalaakalita moulikaam

pancaaShta ShoDaSa dvamdhvaShaTkONa caturasragaam

mandasmitalasadvaktraam dayaamanthara vIkShaNaam

paaSankuSou  ca punDrEkShu caapam puShpaSIlImukham

ratnapaatram sidhupoorNam varadaM bibhrateem karaiH

tataH prayOgaankurveeta sidhE mantrE tu saadhakam

Sri Kameswari Nitya Devi dhyana or meditation image is described like red like 10 million dawn suns, that is innumerable Suns, having a diadem of rubies, wearing throat ornaments, necklaces, waist chains and rings. She is claded in red cloth and adorned with ornaments studded with precious gems. She has six arms and three eyes, and bears a crescent Moon. smiling softly and seated in her chakra of 5, 8, 16, 2 lotus petals & 6 triangles. She holds a bow of sugar cane, flowering arrows, noose, goad, and a nectar-filled cup studded with gems, showing the mudra of bestowing boons. ( Varada Mudra)

One who thus meditate on Sri Kameshwari, the Dhaynasloka becomes Siddha Mantra

Sri Kameshwari Nitya Yantra is described in dhyana sloka as having 5.8, 16 ,2 Lotus petals and 6 konas ( Triangles- Shatkona)

“ShodaSa dvandva”  indicates a pair of 16 Lotus petals. The yantra in the Youtube link do not show the Shatkona in the centre. but nothing wrong if Shatkona is inscribed in the centre while drawing it or imagining during meditation. Missing of Shatkona in the Yantra may be because, the DhaynaSloka in “Tantraraja Tantra” pancaaShta ShoDaSa dvamdhvaShaTkONa caturasragaam” line is not seen.

Let us not think as to why this line is missing? Why this is so? Why this is right or wrong? Such thoughts and doubts are only waste of time using our intellect. What is needed is to practice with whatever the information we have and as guided by GURU with total devotion, faith and trust. If we do this, we will surely experience the inbuilt mechanism in the Universal Consciousness coming to our help in the appropriate time to guide us in proper direction.  This is true, true and True. This is “ mama DhruDha jnana’ DhruDhajnaana mama”  My firm Conviction. This is  “Maneesha Mama”. My prayer, wish. Maneesha Mama. My thought, conception.

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Tithi Nitya Devi Puja:

Instructions to perform Tithi nitya devi Pooja



Sri Kameshwari Nithya Dhyana sloka explanation (JSD Pani Channel)

If you require more information please contact:


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