Birth star & Temples

 The temples are identified, associated with the birth stars.  offering prayers at these temples on the day of birth star is said to derive the positive impact of the birth star on one’s life events and thus ensures prosperity in all fronts.  It is interesting, that all these temples are located in Tamilnadu and most of them are less known.

Are there not such temples associated with birth star exist also in other parts of the country? Yes.  They may be known to local people.  Where are they in Karnataka? At this point of time, I have no answer.

Siddhar from Tamilnadu are the spiritual masters. They also wrote on Astrology like their contemporaries , Varahamihira, Parashara and others. Over a period of time the original texts of Varahamihira, Parashara and others were translated into other languages including English, whereas the Tamil texts by Siddhar remained in their original language Tamil and hence not reached other parts of India.  The temples connected with birth stars are from these masterpieces in Tamil and hence all these temples are identified in Tamilnadu. 

“Siddhar” is synonymous to “Rishis”, “Scholars” . The great ‘Bhogar” is one of the 18 celebrated Siddhars. His ardent disciple is Pulippani who wrote ” Pulippani Jothidam” which narrates the astrological principles in just 300 verses.  It is a happy note that the book is translated into English in the year 2015 by Sri Nakkirar S Natarajan at his age of 95 years.!!  Nadi Astrology is also based on Tamil Astrological texts.

A popular Astrological system called Krishnamurthy Paddhati also known as ” Stellar Astrolgy”  propounded by Dr  K S Krishnamurthy ( 1908-1972) is  based on Nadi Astrolgy.  Dr Krishnamurthy is decorated with the titles ” Jyotisha Marthanda” ” Jyothisha Mannan”.   He is the founder Editor of monthly magazine ” Astrology & Athrishta”. More than any thing else he is a SRIVIDYOPASAKA  and he got ” UCCHISHTA MAHAGANAPATHI SIDDHI”  (the present tense used here intentionally).

I find that, application of KP system in Prasna Astrology (Horary Astrology) gives perfect  answers to queries. We are very good in distorting any thing  and  Krishnamurthy Paddhati  is not an exception. It is slowly deviating from its original form.

 I wrote all this to say as to why the temples that are associated with birth stars are located only in Tamilnadu.  

This write up is incomplete without mentioning that the Sri Dandayudhapani ( Dandayuthapani) idol  in Palani was made by Sri ” Bhoga Siddhar” using only herbs for which his disciple  Siddhar “Pulippani” collected those herbs.

It is also interested to note that the Palani temple is not associated with any of the stars.

It is ” Bhoga Siddhar” popularised siddha system of medicine in China, which is now popular world wide as Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM)

When Astrology connects birth star and the location of the temples, it has the responsibility to  answer the present day intellects who are proving that these stars would have been in the galaxy, millions of years before and most of them are non existent to day and why do astrology still refer to those non existent stars and their connectivity to a particular Longitude and Latitude on the Earth planet. 

Moon orbits the Earth once in every 27.322 days. It also takes 27 days for the Moon to rotate once on its axis.  The position of each day of Moon is identified with the name of a Star.  The every day position of the Moon is a scientific truth whether the star of that particular name exist in the galaxy or otherwise.  These 27 points are named after 27 stars. Each one of them are further divided into 4 parts called 4 padas of the star, thus making it 108.  360 degrees Zodiac divided by 27 gives 13 degrees 20 minutes which is attributed to one star. One fourth of 13 degrees 20 minutes, that is 3 degrees 20 minutes is one pada of the star.  The birth star is the place of Moon on the zodiac at the time of birth.

Siddhars have related the placement of Moon in the Galaxy with reference to the Longitude, Latitude on Earth planet to locate the temples connected to the stars.  The whole universe is the energy and nothing but energy. (matter & energy altogether a different subject and not relevant here) All the efforts of the intellect animal, the “Human being” is to utilise these energies to his advantage.  Identification of Temples associated with the stars is the way of SIDDHAR to utilise the energy of the universe to one’s advantage.  

It is left to the readers as to what they should do by knowing the temples associated with the birth star.  Attached is the list of temples. The places mentioned can easily be found on google map.

December 2, 2019                                                                  Atmanandanatha

(JSD Pani)

Temples connnected`to birth stars

2 Comments on “Birth star & Temples

  1. Very interesting article and less known..

    One clarification “If more than one temple Is linked to a given Rashi” then how a common man can decide where to go? If one wishes to go?


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