Bhavartha Ratnakara: Planets in 12th house

Dr B V Raman has translated Bhavaratha Ratnakara in the year 1944 said to have written by  Sri Ramanujacharya. Dr B V Raman is of the opinion that Sri Ramanujacharya is none other than the Vishishtaadvaitha Philosopher (1017-1137 CE). Dr Raman also say that Sri Shanakara Bhagavatpada an Advaitha Philosopher also has his contribution to Astrology but we are unfortunate that they are not traceable. Uttarakaalamrita is another classical treatise on Astrology by a most learned Scholar and and poet Sri Kalidasa.

Looking at the way the Astrology is practiced in India, that too through the mass visual media, it is not sure whether the amateurs as well professionals have any time to go through these treasures.  Coming to the subject, the 12th house and the planets deposited there are always seen as trouble creators, where as Bhavartha Ratnakara gives a different dimension to this in Stanza 6 of Chapter VIII.  Stanza 6 reads: The person will be fortunate in respect of that BHAVA whose karaka is places in the 12th from Lagna.    Chapter VIII is dedicated to “Fortunate Combinations” 

Let us first see the karakatva of the planets: Lagna and 9th Pitru – Sun. 2nd 5th, 10th 11th, Dhana, Putra, Karma and Labha is GURU- 3rd Bhratru ( Brothers) is Mars-  4th Mother, Moon  –  6th Shatru, 8th Ayush, 12th Vyaya is Saturn. 7th Kalatra ( spouse is Venus.  Going by Bhavarta Ratnakara , Venus in 12th karaka the native is fortunate by spouse, Moon in 12th fortunate of mother, Saturn in 12th ensures Longevity and so on and so forth.

The purpose of this post is to communicate that every planet where ever it is placed will have both good and bad results. If this info clears the fear of the planets in 12th my effort is fruitful.


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