Understanding Sarpadosha – Part2

Shri GurubhyO namah Shri ParamaGurubhyO namah  Shri ParamEsHtHi GurubhyO namah

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Among the shAtchakrras,

Swadhishthana is said to be represented by Subrahamanya ( some texts say, Brahma, Lakshmi and so on) what ever it is sWA- means SELF” Adhishtana means Establishing.
Swadhishtana also directly connected to reproductive organs, thus its imbalance, inactivity results in failure of functioning of the reproductive organs that is production of Sperm, its motility, ova, its capability to accept sperm and so on.
When one cannot establish SELF, in the materialistic world his materialistic prosperity also is affected

Ok. Further, beejakshara for Swadhishtana is VAM, representing Jala tatva, associated with Moon. Rahu, Ketu swallow moon (!!!! ) and hence Sarpa Dosha (iii)
Rahu, Ketu is known as head and tail of the Sarpa.
1) Kundalini energy in Mooladhara is said be in the form of coiled Sarpa and dormant
2) unless this dormant energy becomes expressive we will not have any energy.

One important information – Kundalini Shakti is active with every human being, otherwise one cannot live but will be active only upto Swadhishtana . That is enough for materialistic life.

Recall Sri Lalita Sahasranama – MANIPOORABJA NILAYA ‘BRAHMA GRANTHI” VIBHEDINI MANIPOORANATIDITA” , “VISHNUGRANTHI VIBHEDINI AJNACHAKRANTARALASTA” RUDRA GRANTHI VIBHEDHINI SAHASRARAMBUJA ROODHA” – These namas depicts that the Kundalimi is at mooladhara, by breaking brahmagranthi it appears in Manipoora. From Manipoora by breaking Vishnu granthi it appears in Ajna- futher by braking Rudra granthi it reaches Sahasrara.

What do we understand by this? The energy at Mooladhara has to break brahmagranthi at Swa- Adhishthana – right? It can’t break and remains there. Then what happens? Nothing, if the energy reaching Swa- AdhiShthana is normal or just opt, it is good, otherwise it generates unbearable, uncontrollable, unmanagable sexual energy unless the energy is pushed up by breaking Brahmā Granthi to reach Manipoora.

We understand that, it is disharmony in the energy of Shatchakras, particularly at Mooladhara & Swa- Adhishtana.
We also know as to how Sarpa Dosha & Pitru Dosha go together because;

1) It is a genetic issue
2) Energy of chakras are directly attributed to our breathing with IDA, PINGALA, ( moon, Sun) Nadis
3) Energy does not reach manipura unless Brahma Granthi at SWA Adhishtana is pierced
4) Manipura is the place of our Pitrus.

As I said before Subramanya Rules SWA Adhishtana, that is why we are advised to worship Subrahmanya if there is delay in getting children.

There are six abodes of Subramanya in Tamilnadu.

It is believed that visiting these Abodes in a particular series and performing ksheerabhisheka and Pancamritabhisheka is the ultimate remedy for any type of Sarpa Dosha and Pitru Dosha

Let us see what are these Six abodes and the series in which one has to take darshan:
1 Tirupparakundram – South of Madurai 7-8 Kms
2. Tiruchendur
3 Palani
4 Swamimalai
5 Tiruttani
6 Pazhamudircholai – North of Madurai say about 10-12 Kms.

We will see that the Subrahmanya Darshana begins from Madurai and ends at Madurai. !!!

Madurai Meenakshi is None other than RAJAMATANGI.
We know Matangi is IDA NADI that is Chandra Nadi.

By such a Darshana and performing Abhisheka to Subramanya we will be activating the energy of SWA-Adhishtana so that it arrives at Manipura.
Once the energy at Mooladhara reach Manipura most of the Doshas are cleared.
How, let me explain

The proper energy flow in all Chakras is the most essential requirement for both materialistic and Spiritual growth. These energies are controlled by IDA, PINGALA and SUSHUMNA Nadis which runs through Mooladhara to Sahasrara.
Is it these channels running parallel to each other? No.

Hospital Symbol

Look at the above logo, commonly used by hospitals & Health care centres.
Those using this logo may have hundred explanations for using it. What is needed for us to see is as to how perfectly it depicts Ida & Pingala Nadis

I conclude summarising the Sarpa Dosha;
1) It is the imbalance of energy( Prana) flow in IDA, PINGALA
2) Imbalance of energy flow in chakras, particularly at SWA Adhishtana and Manipura Level.
3) These imbalances is also likely due to genes and DNA carried over for many many generations and hence Pitrudosha, Sarpa Dosha are almost identical to each other
4) Rituals performed at a particular longtitude / latitude on this earth planet is likely to bring in corrections in these imbalances. It is also told that one should perform such rituals repeatedly and not once. Point to be noted.
4) It is not only Kukke, Kalahasti or 6 abodes of Subrahamanya but there are many such locations all
over India. Ex: Naganath temple,
Maha Kala temple.
5) Why such imbalance / Dosha specific to Indians that too for a specific group. Simple. Belief System carried over for thousands of years and stored in CHITTA.


Note:  This is how we understand IDA and PINGALA. Similarity is found in the logo used in hospitals and health care centres

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