Planetary disposition for Conception

Jataka Parijata is an important Astrological text, said to have been written by one Sri Venkatesha Dikshitar who lived in 14th Century. Not much is known about this great scholar but it is certain, he is from South India and probably either from Karnataka OR Andhra.

The text has 18 chapters. Slokas 11 to 80 in the third chapter deals with the menstruation, copulation, conception and birth of a child very elaborately.

What has interested me is the relation between the planetary position, particularly Mars & Moon at the time of menstruation and chances of conception.

I have used these principles to advise the parents aspiring for a child to alter the date of menstrual cycle using the medical aids available so that the conception takes place.

I am happy to say that most of such experiments have yielded results. Before recommending altering date of menstrual cycle it was confirmed that the couple are medically fit.

Looking at the other side of this Astrological principle, the same principle may be employed to alter the date of menstrual cycle not to get conceived.

To be continued…

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