Chatushashti Yogini- 64 Yoginis

Sri Gurubhyo namah Sri ParamagurubhyO namah Sri ParameShThi GurubhyO namah

Mahachatushashti koti yoginiganasEvita is from Lalita Saharnama mentioning 64 yoginis. The three lined square of Sri Chakra known as Trailokyamohana chakra. The middle line of this square is the seat of Ashtamatruka Devis, – Brahmi, Maheshwari, kaumaarI, Vaishnavee, Varahee, Mahendree, Chamundaa & Mahalakshmi. Each one of these Matruka Devis are associated with eight yogini Devatas and that makes 64 Yoginis.

Similarly, the third enclosure of Sri Chakra with 8 Lotus named as Sarvasankshobhana chakra is the seat of Ananga Devatas, viz; Ananga kusuma, Mekhala, Madana, Madanaaturaa, Rekhaa, Veginee, AnkuShaa, Maliniee. It is also said that each one of these Devatas are also associated with eight Yogini Devatas.

This set of Yogini Devatas are different from the set of Yogini Devatas associated with Ashtamatruka Devis. There is a mention of sage soota telling the names of Yoginis to sage Agastya. I need to find the original text reference to confirm this view. There is another opinion that Animadi Ashta Siddhis also are associated with 8 yoginis each and thus there is another set of 64 Yoginis. I am not in agreement with this view because SriVidya recognises 10 Siddhi Devatas and not 8. There is also another set of 64 Yoginis associated with Kali, the first Vidya among Dasamaha Vidyas. Before concluding, I must say that word “KOTI” in MahachatuShashti KOTI Yogini refers to 64 Numbers and not ‘CRORE” because KOTI also means the NUMBER.

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