Combustion of planets

Combustion of planets are discussed frequently.

I wanted to add my view about the combustion of planets 

1. Combustion does not apply to Mercury and in turn it results in BUDHA ADITYA YOGA.

2. Combustion does not affect the planets in retrogression.

3. Combustion of a planet, though reduces its good effect, one should see the extent of combustion of the planet. Most of the Astrology softwares indicate the percentage of combustion.

4. One should propitiate the combust planet, particularly during its Dasha and Bhukti by doing remedial measures regularly. Remedial measures means not spending money but surrender to almighty as well japa of the planet as well its Adhidevata and Pratyadhidevata

4 Comments on “Combustion of planets

  1. Please clarify
    1) What is the speciality of Budha,in conjunction with Ravi,is an exception that it does not get combusted ?
    2) Ravi – Budha Yoga : Good or Bad ?


  2. Budha is always transits along with Sun and hence if the combustion rule apply, he is combust most of the time.
    More so, the conjunction of Budha and Aditya in the same house results in Budha Aditya yoga, by which one’s intelligence is known. More strong this yoga, more the intelligence.
    Dr BV Raman in his articles in Astrological Magazine has proved quoting several live examples that combustion of Budha should not be considered for prediction.
    Hope I have answered to your query


    • Thank you very much . You did not tell whether Budhaadithya Yoga is good or bad.
      Another question. I remember to have heard from you that Shukra is also moving close to Ravi. More often both of them are in the same house. How come Shukra gets combusted and not Budha .What is protecting Budha?


  3. 1. Budhaaditya is a good yoga
    2. Though Shukra also transits close to Sun, the longitude is not as close as Budha and hence Combustion of Shukra is considered.
    3. The following is the longitudes of the planets from Sun considered to be combust.
    a) Mars- 17
    B) Venus 10
    C) Mer – 14
    d). Jup- 11
    e) Sat – 15
    4. Texts like Jataka Parijata do not consider combustion for a retrograde planet.
    5. There is difference of opinions on
    a) Combustion of Retrograde planet
    b) Retrogression of a debilitated / Exalted natural benefic planet
    c) Retrogression of a debilitated / Exalted natural malefic planet.

    Finally predictive Astrology depends on ones’ own experience on such planetary dispositions.
    Another point to consider Venus Combustion and not for Budha is their different orbits also


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